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Repo info
Sergey Khabibullin

Hey! I made a cross-platform desktop client for Redis: https://rbmk.io

If someone wants to try it and give some feedback that would be great for the project.

Make It Count
Can anyone help me with this issue please tj/connect-redis#287
karthik divi
How to use BLPOP or BRPOP on multiple queues, I see the current API is allowing only one queue.
Ario K
I've used LPUSH and BRPOP
for enqueue and dequeue
Ario K
I'm basically trying to implement a basic retry logic where if the redis server is unreachable for 5 minutes - stop trying to reconnect and throw errors so I can use the errors to perform failover
But the retry_strategy does not reach the total_retry_time within the allocated time
anyone else experience this issue?
Jean-Jacques Dubray
Apologies if this has been asked before but a search didn't yield anything. Would someone be able to share the best way to use node_redis with AWS elasticache failover mode? or cluster mode. I have implemented a crude reconnect (which should be enough in our use case) but if there is something better I'd be happy to take a look.
Guy Korland
Node Redis 3 (3.0.2) is out! with many long pending fixes and enhancments https://github.com/NodeRedis/node-redis/releases/tag/v3.0.0
Ario K
new version?
my node redis reports 'unknown command zpopmin' , can anyone help?
do they just expect us to substitue it by ZREMRANGEBYRANK?
@ShiboXing did you find any answer to this?
I am facing same issue
@CILP did you had any luck with zpopmin/zopmax?
Romil Lodaya
I have deploy API on another server and redis on another server and connect each server for redis but after some time if I try to access redis data from API its giving me AbortError: Redis connection lost and command aborted. It might have been processed
redis error!can anyone help?
James Ramm
Hello, does anyone have experience marrying node redis to an FRP library like bacon, flyd or rxjs? Could be especially interesting for redis streams