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Nov 2014
hahaha just saw that
ok, its looking better now, got a bit more work on it tomorrow to do, navigation, image preloading and some lining up of the text
what are we doing about this domain so? SHould we just used this staged version to send out to all the folks that we have emails for and see if they dig it? Then go live after that?
the name totally needs the '.ie' thing
Nov 10 2014 12:41
I suppose it makes sense to just use the staged one? Unless that's a possible security issue for you lads. The name can be changed anyway, everything's going well but it's all placholder as far as I'm concerned, I'm not so attached to it so if it needs to be done that's no biggie
no, no security worry, sure we'll use this staging url until we're more keen on spending money + time ;)
right we did a lot of work on the menu + getting it responsive, give it a look there now
the form behaves well at the end too
Just need to fix martin's crap quality face (sorry martin) and then we are good
(that is, if the design looks good .. )
what you reckon with the menu paddy? It didn't really work anywhere else ....