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Nov 2014
Nov 12 2014 11:56
Yo. Good job on the menu, I'll tell you some stuff thats happening in my browser though
Nov 12 2014 12:05
The arrows for the menu don't allow me to scroll through, they're unresponsive for now, and is there any way to do them with a single > instead of the double >>? Also, all the font's have changed back to Times New Roman (I think) and some of the alignment has changed in places too (you probably just have this changed while you're implementing functions, so then, obviously, don't worry about it). I think changing the last headline to 'We could use some help' is perfect, sums up the last two items well and leads into the form which is real nice and simple
Nov 12 2014 12:13
Here's 3 similar but different mockups
1, I just made the logo smaller and moved it in a bit; squared the menu scroller and removed the second >>
  1. Logo made smaller and moved to top left, menu scroller changes from the first mock up are in place
  1. Smaller logo in top left with modified menu scroller underneath.
Nov 12 2014 12:20
So yeah, there's three to mull over. I think 2 or 3 looks best probably but they're all ok..? Sorry for speaking like a wanker when I type too. It just happens when I'm writing and not speaking.
And sorry if I'm anal too, I'm not trying to be vain or any of that shit, just trying to keep it simple but presentable so it looks legit to potential users.
Any thoughts?
I think it's real close though. Mad props lads.