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Nov 2014
We got a mail from NOB
Suggestion: Hey Lads. It all sounds pretty good to me. How do you intend to market and promote it to skaters all around the world? No use in a lad from Ireland having it and he goes to a place where no one knows about it. How do you moderate the site so that it dosent in turn into chat run style site?
I think keeping the users stats and location in the simplest form would be the best, ie limit the amount of content a user can post to keep it clean and simple. Other than that it sounds like a great idea that has a lot of potential. Peace!
Fuck, not many people at all are saying anything ... out of like 20 people or so, only 5 replied???
Nov 27 2014 16:44
That's probably a massive reply rate in the grand scheme. Pricks