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Michael Speth
maybe not including the camera which is ok w/ me
have u already merged up that branch in openhmd?
Christoph Haag
they have a problem with the hdk2 firmware. It doesn't provide raw IMU data, only a quaternion. it's not a hard no from them, just not something they really like
I tried merging it but messed it up with kdiff3.. there really ought to be a better gui merge tool
Christoph Haag
let's see....
git clone --recursive https://github.com/ChristophHaag/SteamVR-OpenHMD.git
cd SteamVR-OpenHMD/external/openhmd/
git remote add fork https://github.com/ChristophHaag/OpenHMD.git
git fetch fork dev-osvr-hdk2-master
git reset --hard fork/dev-osvr-hdk2-master
cd ../..
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
and then registering with steamvr as it says in the readme
only compile tested though
Michael Speth
I have used the trial. Its a nice tool. I just couldn't justify the cost
Kevin Godby
For a GUI merge tool, I like meld.
Though I tend to use vimdiff more often than not.
Michael Speth
note, there is a free version but doesn't have all the nice features
what about hidapi
not a submodule?
Christoph Haag
kdiff3 is just the best to merge the stuff that can be automatically merged
hidapi is expected by openhmd to be installed in the system already
Michael Speth
Christoph Haag
hmm powering off the pc before plugging in a sata drive or trusting the supposed hotplugging ability
Michael Speth
power it off
unless its external sata
ok, installed hidapi
and compiled
Christoph Haag
and I'll see if my other hard drives grants me one last full copy after spending a few hours in the fridge
Vahid Kaykhaei
Hey. I have a question about openvr_driver.
I cannot understand how the driver is notified about the presence of lighthouse in a serverdriver?
I implemented IServerTrackedDeviceProvider and in steamvr it shows blinkin icon and "Not Ready" for my headset
And also it pops up "Room Setup" to be run. How can one handle those in driver? Any references?
Ryan A. Pavlik
@VahidKeykhaey Sorry, I don't quite understand your question. It soundsl ike you're trying to make your own driver for SteamVR, whereas this project is a driver for SteamVR that exposes OSVR -supported devices, so it's probably the wrong place to ask. Try the SteamVR/OpenVR list
Hi there! I'

Hi there! I'm having some issues with getting steamvr to work properly... the headsets seems to shake within steamvr, see video attached: https://youtu.be/klLe_NIjlBY

I have followed the setup and dont have this issue when I launch the fireplace test view. Is there something I am missing? I updated the firmware to latest and installed the precompiled drivers for steamvr as instructed on the github page.

Thanks for looking!