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    Erik van Sebille
    Parcels v2.0.0beta2 is now on conda-forge, so please use conda update parcels to update to the latest version. The release notes are at https://github.com/OceanParcels/parcels/releases

    Also, note that we found a work-around for people who have problems with the parcels_get_examples command. If you get a Fatal error in launcher, you can instead do

    curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/OceanParcels/parcels/v2.0.0beta2/parcels/scripts/get_examples.py > parcels_get_examples.py
    python parcels_get_examples.py parcels_examples

    This is now also explained on the oceanparcels.org website

    Philippe Delandmeter
    Installation seems to be currently broken on Windows:
    When I install parcels with
    conda create -n py3_parcels_new -c conda-forge python=3 parcels jupyter cartopy ffmpeg
    it installs xarray=0.10.9 and numpy=1.11.3, which results in such error while importing xarray
    AttributeError: module 'numpy' has no attribute 'AxisError'
    If I install parcels with conda create -n py3_parcels_new -c conda-forge python=3 parcels numpy=1.16.2 xarray=0.11.3 jupyter cartopy ffmpeg
    it installs the requested versions and everything works fine.
    (those versions are also the ones I obtain when updating xarray and numpy within the conda env)
    Willi Rath
    What does conda list say? Is it mixing stuff from the defaults channel and from conda forge?
    Philippe Delandmeter
    Mmmh, I've checked the version from conda list but not the channel. Let me check
    Philippe Delandmeter
    In both cases, xarray comes from conda-forge, and numpy comes from default
    I attached the full logs of installations
    Willi Rath
    This should be fixed by specifying openblas during installation.
    Not sure I understand this... Are you on the latest version of Miniconda for Windows?
    Hy, I have an issue while executing the code of ' plotting tutorial' can any one help me? i need it in a school project. Thanks
    matthew huber
    ocean parcels looks great! I used to write my own lagrangian trajectory code, but maybe I don't have to do that anymore. I'm working through the examples. One note. On my Mac (10.15) and conda 4.7.11 I had little problem with the Jupyter tutorial. solve it by adding import tkinter right at the beginning (otherwise get this error " Matplotlib is currently using agg, which is a non-GUI backend, so cannot show the figure."). A simple fix that people may or may not need.
    Erik van Sebille
    Thanks @climatedynamics_twitter for the very kind words, and also for reporting. This seems to have been a bug that was introduced in #787, and now is in v2.1.5 which we released yesterday. Oops...