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  • Oct 26 2015 08:22
    Odonno commented #17
  • Oct 26 2015 08:21
    Odonno unlabeled #17
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    Odonno closed #17
  • Oct 26 2015 08:20
    Odonno closed #27
  • Oct 26 2015 08:20
    Odonno unlabeled #27
  • Oct 25 2015 22:03

    Odonno on master

    refactor(about): move versions … feat(about): add a collaborator… (compare)

  • Oct 25 2015 21:09
    Odonno labeled #27
  • Oct 25 2015 11:25

    Odonno on master

    refactor(app): move ViewModels … refactor(auth): split Continuat… (compare)

  • Oct 25 2015 09:25

    Odonno on master

    feat(backgroundTasks): remove t… (compare)

  • Oct 24 2015 21:49

    Odonno on master

    fix(notifications): separate un… chore(app): start creating View… refactor(auth): use gitter-api-… (compare)

  • Oct 22 2015 20:10

    Odonno on master

    fix(notifications): add a way t… (compare)

  • Oct 18 2015 15:13

    Odonno on master

    build(app): new version (compare)

  • Oct 18 2015 14:53
    Odonno closed #28
  • Oct 18 2015 14:53
    Odonno commented #28
  • Oct 18 2015 14:49

    Odonno on master

    feat(notifications): add abilit… Working on feedback... Additional reworking Will reba… and 9 more (compare)

  • Oct 18 2015 14:41
    gep13 commented #28
  • Oct 18 2015 14:40
    Odonno commented #28
  • Oct 18 2015 14:17
    gep13 commented #28
  • Oct 18 2015 12:02
    Odonno commented #28
  • Oct 18 2015 12:00

    Odonno on master

    chore(app): split Tasks project… refactor(auth): use auth method… (compare)

Lyka Ann Tulfo
is there an app for gitter ? Ive scrolled up and found Modern Gitter, but I cant see it on the store
David Bottiau
@Lypercaution Yes, there is an app for WP8.1 but it is deprecated because of a lack of stability from the API
Otherwise, I think it is still visible in the store but I did not check since a while
Ronan Harris
This app works well on Lumia 730 with latest WP 8.1, thanks
Andrew Simek
I'm on wm10 creators update and it seems to be working fine.. Thanks for this
this app is awesome!
Geert van Horrik
Hey there, thanks for the app! When there are more rooms than fit on the screen, the search bar in the rooms page is on top but unavailable.
And I would suggest a different icon for the rooms, I still can't get used to the search icon
Posting from Modern Gitter app! :D
Version 2.3.12
From playstore
Eduardo Gonzalez
Got tired of the official gitter client always crashing.
sanjay mandal
Damien Doumer
Please can someone tell me how to leave a room ?
there is a room which I pressed delete option, but each time I do so, the modern Gitter window closes and I dont leave the room.
David Bottiau
Hi @DamienDoumer
This feature is not working anymore due to a change in the Gitter API
Sorry for the inconvenience
Damien Doumer
ok, I got it.
then how can I leave a room ? please.
David Bottiau
You can use the gitter official app for now
Damien Doumer
Punita Ojha
This message was deleted
Black cat
Ruben Debbarma
These app crush a lot please fix it
This message was deleted
Что то не понятно как найти комнату. Поиск ничего не находит, такое ощущение что он вообще не работает.
Начальная страница вообще пустая, в эту комнату зашел через меню.
Nokia 520 lumia
Hello! Just thank you for this app :)
David Bottiau
@valentinbreiz Thanks
From the WP app, awesome so far, thanks! Any plans to add dark theme support?
David Bottiau
@cozyplanes Thanks for your message. The app is not in active development for the moment so I don't think you will see a dark theme very soon.
Toni Gortarez
Hey :)
Manuel Martinez Jr.
Hello everyone.
hey everybody
how come there is Django room but not a python one
Taha ali
Azhe Kun
Alexey Mukhin
The Sharp Ninja
Good morning. I have a suggestion. Please add a "markdown editor" so you can stage things like code snippets before submitting them to the room.
Bende Falanga Joshua
Yann Duran

@sharpninja great idea!

Edit: ohhh, that message was from 2018