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Oct 2014
André Behrens
Oct 29 2014 09:57
#82 considers an obscurity using ews-java-api in exchange_2013. Since we are currently directing this question only to stackoverflow. I was wondering if this may on the one hand officially be confirmed and on the other hand if it could be worth adding a wiki entry for declaring under which versions ews-java-api can be used. I think this also could be usefull to be an alternativ in common used not open source apis like jwebservices
Mike Noordermeer
Oct 29 2014 11:05
Well, first someone should figure out how the stuff actually works I guess, the SO answer is the only information I have at the moment, and it does not really provide a full list of what and what does not work. MSDN has some info, but it's all buried deep in the various pages on the web service calls.
Victor Boctor
Oct 29 2014 15:38
I think we should be more explicit in our documentation. We should be able to connect to an Exchange 2013, but we may not leverage the Exchange 2013 only features. Adding Exchange 2013 to the enum (see #58) would make sense, since it would allow users to indicate their API level, enabling them to use Exchange 2013 specific APIs as they are added to the client library.