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Nov 2014
Pasquale D'Agostino
Nov 21 2014 01:41
Any ideas on why these types of errors might be thrown when adding ews-java-api as a dependency in a maven project
Nov 21 2014 06:42
Hello, is it always we download the source code, build it and make up the jar ? I see github has a feature called releases just wanted to know will you guys be following that release concept in future and creating release builds/jars ? Thanks. EWS API rocks :)
Mike Noordermeer
Nov 21 2014 10:56
@elauqsap: you should set your compiler level to java 1.6
and I rather have a release to maven central, instead of a github release, obviously
Nov 21 2014 12:34
@MikeN123 sounds good