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Feb 2015
Victor Boctor
Feb 07 2015 18:58
Any suggestions on the rhythm of pushing the snapshot package out? Should we do this manually weekly + ondemand when there is a critical bug?
Or should we integrate with Travis or do some continuous integration setup? If so, any suggestions taking into consideration that the sonatype password should be secure.
For example, I can probably setup Jenkins and make it do the work, but I wonder if there is a better/lighter weight option.
Asbjørn Aarrestad
Feb 07 2015 19:51
great that the api has been pushed to sonatype :-) regarding the question on when to push snapshots, my questions in return is what others do.
we don't need to push weekly if nobody's been changing it.
and to push each time we merge is perhaps a bit too often?
Asbjørn Aarrestad
Feb 07 2015 20:38
Asking around today I got a couple of good replies...
  1. push a snapshot whenever you've finished something.
  2. try to release often!