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Feb 2015
Asbjørn Aarrestad
Feb 09 2015 08:05
I agree on the "push-pr-merge" when we have a stable release to rely on, but perhaps we should have a bit more restricted push-policy until then?
André Behrens
Feb 09 2015 19:14
I would also suggest in autodeploying snapshots to the maven snapshot repo. The following needs to be handled when we try to do that:
  • username and password should be encrypted (even if this sounds like an easy step for travis maybe it could be usefull to create another jira-account (@ossrh) which only has privileges to deploy to the snapshot repo)
  • deployment should only be done by one of the 3 builds and only if all verification is successful
  • KISS (keep it simple and stupid)
@pathikrit the mentioned python-script looks a little stuffed. Maybe there is a more lightweight alternative
@ahaarrestad dont think push-policy should be restricted since a snapshot release will always be a snapshot and not a stable one