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Feb 2015
André Behrens
Feb 12 2015 06:08 UTC
while thinking on that package restructuring I would suggest in not doing this with the 2.0 release since this would force every user to update their imports which could be dangerous if people just change maven dependency from snapshot to stable. Maybe we can include these restructuring into another major release. I think this would make live easier.
Stefan Gantner
Feb 12 2015 09:54 UTC
Can anybody tell me if the old timezone setting problem from ews 1.2 has been fixed already?
Mike Noordermeer
Feb 12 2015 10:57 UTC
Dunno what specific problem you are referring to, but there have been tons of timezone/data parsing fixes, like OfficeDev/ews-java-api#6
Stefan Gantner
Feb 12 2015 11:47 UTC
Mike Noordermeer
Feb 12 2015 12:57 UTC
You can just use UTC, the date and time will be shown in the user's timezone anyway.
Feb 12 2015 16:33 UTC
Thanks for the response on 2.0. Agree that re-org on imports type of change would be nicer in next version.
So what about 1.3? Seems it never did get released?