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Feb 2015
Feb 20 2015 18:29
Have noticed something a little strange with getUserAvailability(). Testing with exchange 2010 server.
It seems that the TimeWindow start & end should be set in UTC, but the calendar events (CalendarEvent)
coming back (ie: start & end times) are in local time.
Is this correct?
or am I missing something here?
( I was comparing to the 1.1.5 version of this pkg, where all times send & rec'd were in UTC ).
Feb 20 2015 23:35
( oops... for 1.1.5 version... only times rec'd in UTC, not sent )
Mike Noordermeer
Feb 20 2015 23:54
Not sure, but you shouldn't trust the timezone of java.util.Date's anyway
If you want to print it, make sure to put it through a formatter
Feb 20 2015 23:59
I think I understand the source of my problems here... it seems that if you ask for a time window that is say from the start of today to the end of today (eg: start: feb 20 00:00:00, end: feb 21 00:00:00) you'll actually get all the schedule events (mtgs) that exist in the last 24 hr window from the current time.
It doesn't seem to give you events that will occur after the current time stamp.
For example its 7:00pm now... if I query using the above start,end I don't get an event/mtg that is schedule to start at 8:00pm. But I do see a mtg that was schedule at 9:00pm on Feb 19th, which is out side of my start, end window. But within the actually 24hr window back from the current time stamp.
Can anyone verify my findings?