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Mar 2015
David Claux
Mar 30 2015 17:05
@vboctor WorkingElsewhere is already supported in the EWS Managed API
Mar 30 2015 18:49

Hmmm.... seems it's not that simple. The 2013 server returns "Free" for an event that is configured with the state "Working Elsewhere". In fact it looks exactly the same as a "Free" meeting. This would seem to be a server problem (?) How can we tell the difference between these 2 event types??
Here is an example of 2 calendar events, 1st is a "Free" event; 2nd is a "Working Elsewhere" event.


These were ripped from the EwsResponse trace.

Victor Boctor
Mar 30 2015 18:53
I wonder if service is returning that for backward comparability.
David Claux
Mar 30 2015 20:18
@jvh003 What version of the service are you requesting? E.g. the ExchangeServiceVersion you setup your ExchangeService instance with? If you request an older version of the service, it won't return WorkingElsewhere if that new value didn't exist in that version.