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Apr 2015
Pasquale D'Agostino
Apr 03 2015 01:27 UTC
I am having an issue with getting emails 1 day back with the
SearchFilter.IsGreaterThan(ItemSchema.DateTimeReceived, dt); where dt is a Date object returned from a calendar object that had a negative day added to the current calendar day object
André Behrens
Apr 03 2015 19:30 UTC
@Carr0t this should be fixed with OfficeDev/ews-java-api@8b5aeff
@elauqsap please open an Issue at our github site and provide the needed information to reproduce the error.
Cody Moore
Apr 03 2015 21:52 UTC
If I connect using user account A to make a new ExchangeService(..) is it possible to see things from a shared folder for user account B? ie, shared calendar?