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Jun 2015
Victor Boctor
Jun 04 2015 01:36
@z80pio If you are building against Office 365, then I would start with REST API which is a more modern API that uses REST and OAuth as part of its core design. Fallback to EWS if REST API doesn’t provide what you need.
Jun 04 2015 18:23
@vboctor Thanks for the info.
Need one more help, when I connect to a mailbox via mfcmapi I see a lot of properties. Is there anyway I can get it via REST api?
Victor Boctor
Jun 04 2015 20:10
@z80pio The REST API is mostly intent based, hence, the desire is not to expose just a property bag, but logical entities with logical fields and associated semantics. If you are interested in property bags, EWS will give you the richest raw access.