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Repo info
Mike Kranidis
Kind reminder:
Dear Sirs, what is the best way to install the latest version of the offlineIMAP in my Ubuntu server 20.04? The official package is somehow older. Thanks.
ˈt͡sɛːzaɐ̯ Odd that things that would be considered polite elsewhere are definitely not polite in this kind of chat room.
ˈt͡sɛːzaɐ̯ pip install --user offlineimap rfc6555 six or so.
Mike Kranidis
Hello to everyone! I am thinking to use offlineIMAP in order to have synchronized two IMAP servers, one local and one remote. I want two way synchronization. Is my senario ok for offlineIMAP? What could be the best setup file? ( .offlineimaprc), assuming that the remote account is ex: IMAP (Dovecot): mail.test.com tester@test.com and the local maildir path: /var/vmail/tester/
Mike Kranidis
Please someone to help me. Thanks
Mike Kranidis
Hello, is it possible to run offlineimap as root but to save the mailbox with different owner and group ? Please help. Thanks.
Mike Kranidis
Dear Sirs,
Is there any supporting way to set user:group ownership in order to save the maildir in the local repository using these pre-specified? I don't want to have root ownership, even if I run the offlineIMAP as root, also I don't want to create separate user.
Dushyant Pawar
I have installed offlineimap using
python setup.py install
now where do I find this ~/.offlineimaprc file
I cannot locate this file anywhere
please assist
What is the difference between this room and the other offlineimap room?
@dsp90 the ~ indicates the user's homedir and the . is for hidden files. Chances are you will need to manually create a configfile based on a template (or not)
@mikekgr why do you need the latest version and want to abandon proper package management/maintenance?
Would it be an idea to start a wikipage with an overview of what is needed, what the status is, what available is, who interested is, etc etc on 'doing something' (on purpose a broad description) with Python 3? (distill some github issues, and formalize, refactor to clarify and expand)
Mike Kranidis
@olaf7 I use the official Ubuntu package but because I realized that there in newer, that's why I asked the question.
I have a problem, I get the following lines after installing offlineIMAP. Can anyone help me? My Python version is 3.8. ... Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/bin/offlineimap", line 22, in <module>
File "/usr/share/offlineimap/offlineimap/init.py", line 89, in run
options, args = self.parse_cmd_options()
File "/usr/share/offlineimap/offlineimap/init.py", line 265, in
config.set_if_not_exists('general', 'dry-run', 'False')
File "/usr/share/offlineimap/offlineimap/CustomConfig.py", line 135, in set_if_not_exists
self.set(section, option, value)
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/ConfigParser.py", line 753, in set
ConfigParser.set(self, section, option, value)
File "/usr/lib/python2.7/ConfigParser.py", line 396, in set
raise NoSectionError(section)
ConfigParser.NoSectionError: No section: 'general'
Nicolas Sebrecht
@xhwz18 offlineimap does not support python3.
Thank you very much , can I install 2.7 parallel ?
I recently set maildir-windows-compatible = yes. What steps do I need to take to re-sync my already stored messages with a colon in the filename?
@nicolas33 can you please comment on my msg of July 27th?
Nicolas Sebrecht
@olaf7 Since some days Rodolfo decided to port offlineimap to py3 and he has started a fork. Contributions to the efforts are welcome:
So, I think that the best is to request @thekix in https://github.com/OfflineIMAP/offlineimap3 to know how to contribute and what to do next. ,-)
Interesting changes are happening now in the py3 area!
I noticed some discussions in issues regarding where funding should go to. Supporting people supporting the project is a good idea. I know funds are limited and this might be something which can be done with zero funding, but: both the py2 and py3 fork (as well as other offlineimap project(s)) could benefit from an investment in a testsuite/(series of) email server(s) for testing migrations. As basically the servers will also be tested it might be something which can be 'sold' to hostingproviders to be beneficial for them and maybe they can be tempted to sponsor the project(s).
Transparency on how well offlineimap works with certain servers also helps users planning migrations.
If help is needed in implementing such tests I am happy to spend time on it.
Ordo Flammae
Hi all. I'm having issues with OfflineImap syncing. When I delete an email (and read it) on my local machine, when OfflineImap syncs next, it replaces the email in my inbox (unread), and removes it from the trash. This behavior happens pretty much with every email (after the second deletion, it doesn't show up).
I'm using mu and mu4e, and have a daemon syncing OfflineImap every 5 minutes.
If I don't delete the email, but just read it, it doesn't really do anything though. It seems like it only has issues if I delete the email (or possibly just move it to a different folder in general).
Hi. I'm having problems adding an ssl certficate for gmail. I'm on macos. I have tried the following with little luck: sudo openssl s_client -CApath /usr/local/etc/openssl -connect imap.gmail.com:993 -showcerts | perl -ne 'print if /BEGIN/../END/; print STDERR if /return/' > /usr/local/etc/openssl/cert.pem. I also tried: openssl s_client -CApath /usr/local/etc/openssl/ -connect imap.gmail.com:993 -showcerts | perl -ne 'print if /BEGIN/../END/; print STDERR if /return/' > $sslcacertfile, and still no luck.
I got this error offlineimap3AttributeError: module 'imaplib2' has no attribute '__version__'
Andrew Stanton

I just found the "Github PR Suck" article. Its still true many years later. In addition to your points, the GH PR system...

  • doesnt order the files that are presented in any sensical way
  • doesnt have a way to view the whole file, or at least more than they decide to show above and below the change
    makes it very difficult to find files that were marked as deleted (this partly Visual Studio's fault, because it cant workout that a file move or rename isnt a delete + add)
  • doesnt have any file tree or other navigational view (there are a few chrome extensions that will give you this)
  • always word wraps code files in the diffs, and it cant be disabled
  • makes poor use of my horizonal screen space
  • doesnt consistently show comments from prior commits when viewing later or all commits
  • doesnt prevent the PR from being approved by someone else and then backdoor merged after you had started a review and had made some comments
  • has a "conversations" view that must be what its like to read the diary of a schizophrenic - stream of consciousness, interrupted randomly, with some parts omitted and some parts represented poorly.
  • doesnt display the important parts of the PR at the top of the screen or in an overview page; status checks, reviewer results, conflicts, etc. instead making us scroll all the way to the end of the conversation schizo-stream.
  • doesnt have a way to see and navigate through the unresolved comments
  • doesnt prevent others - specifically the submitter - from resolving your comments
  • doesnt have the notion of sharing ownership of the review with another reviewer (useful when you have devs in different time zones and schedules)
  • spams everyone with an email on each comment
  • doesnt have a way to approve per commit

I find new things almost daily. Most of these are not problems with a DevOps hosted repo except the last four. I sure hope they bring that experience over to GH, its way better.

It seems Offlineimap got removed form FreeBSD. Any alternatives you could recommend? Looking to setup Emacs as my E-Mail client...
@FrostKiwi: isync?
@ryzokuken:1312.media Ohh lovely. Thanks for the reference :]
hello, has anyone looked at dockerizing this tool?
Caleb Maclennan
It would be relatively trivial to setup yourself, but why would you want to run something like this in Docker in the first place?
I have an unraid server that I would simply add this service to the community applications utility for.
makes it stupid easy to host basic services
and while you may be well versed in containerizing apps, I've only done it back when docker had the demo ont heir website in 2015
Hi there! I am trying to use my email with emacs and I am having some troubles with offlineimap... I know that executing offlineimap it is supposed to take a while but it is stuck in the same place for a long. The part where it is stuck is:
Folder INBOX [acc:work]: Copy message UID 23 (1/703) workRemote:INBOX -> workLocal:INBOX Copy message UID 24 (2/703) workRemote:INBOX -> workLocal:INBOX Folder Sent [acc:work]: Syncing Sent: IMAP -> Maildir
I am using:
offlineimap v7.3.4, imaplib2 v2.101 (bundled), Python v2.7.16, LibreSSL 2.8.3
In a Mac OS Big Sur version 11.5.2. Any idea? :)
hello, Everyone. Glad to join you !
I need a way to backup my emails, I am using mutt in pop-os. will it be possible to send me some links how to set up offlineimap for it ?
Brian J. Stinar
Does offlineimap have a donation link? I like it a lot, and would like to throw them $20.
Chris Coleman
Yes @brian-stinar here's the donation link: https://opencollective.com/offlineimap-organization/contribute