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Aug 2015
Feng Yu
Aug 27 2015 14:53
yaourt -S --needed --noconfirm $(cat packages.txt)
I cannot run this command in my ubuntu, can anyone help me?
Oliver Caldwell
Aug 27 2015 16:18
Hey, that's because yaourt is a wrapper for pacman, the package manager for Arch Linux. You will want to replace that with sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install $(cat packages.txt) BUT a lot of those packages won't exist on the Ubuntu registry.
I think you'd be better off picking and choosing the packages you need from that list. That list is built specifically for Arch Linux and the AUR really.
Ubuntu uses apt-get, Arch uses pacman and yaourt, they have completely different libraries of packages, but some names will exist in both.
@F3n67u I'll help you further if possible, but you will basically need to find as many of these packages as you can in Ubuntu's packages.