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Repo info
    I'm using monaca cli and now unable to pair monaca debugger with local computer, could anyone suggest something what should I do as I have done all the thing provided in documentation. It was working fine earlier.
    Thanks in advance!
    Anybody fancy the idea of migrating onsenui from gitter to discord or slack? It would make asking questions in different channels much easier.
    Hi anyone????????
    Hi, Im unable to use geolocation in monaca preview because of iframe permission problem in updated google chrome browser (refer :- https://sites.google.com/a/chromium.org/dev/Home/chromium-security/deprecating-permissions-in-cross-origin-iframes) Pls help
    Have not anyone experienced such an issue?????
    onsen forum is filled with spam
    Hey, don't call that spam, some people might be in sincere need of black magic specialist 65 years experience love back mantra
    I would second to make a move to discord, alot of people use it and support can be made live with voice chat
    @Stuhl Lets make the discord channel and allow for people to migrate over. @Stuhl
    @rlam3 I would like to wait for a response from @frandiox before we do anything unofficial :)
    Fran Dios
    @rlam3 @Stuhl I'm OK with a discord channel. So far Gitter was enough because there weren't so many users but looks like lately there are many messages :)
    Anybody wants to create/moderate it?
    Hi, <v-ons-navigator> not working correctly, after click it return to empty page
    What wrong?
    @frandiox @Stuhl https://discord.gg/JWhBbnE
    just created it
    i'll make you guys admin
    also how to we make onsenui cards touchable so it navigates to another view?
    To those who want to become moderator / admin in discord onsenui please discuss with @frandiox through discord
    Luca Naterop
    When pushing a page with onsen navigator (I use react), then the state of the original page is destroyed. Is this by design? Wouldn't it make sense to preserve the state, such that when going back the original component still has the same state? I find myself very often in a situation where I want to keep state over a push-pop cycle. Any workarounds?
    Fran Dios
    @rlam3 Thanks for creating it, I just joined. A click listener should be enough for the cards.
    @/all To get real time help, join the discord server: https://discord.gg/JWhBbnE
    @frandiox New to Onsen UI and with vue js .. was wondering if you could provide a quick snippet. Thanks!
    What would be the difference between ons-navigator vs @click?
    My intention is to click on the card and have it display detailView similar in iOS more info.
    Fran Dios
    @rlam3 You can have a look at the vue-onsenui-kitchen sink example, although it would be better if you learn some plain Vue.js first. The link is here: https://onsenui.github.io/vue-onsenui-kitchensink/
    as you see there, a new page is pushed to the navigator when you click on a card
    I guess we can continue this on Discord :sweat_smile:
    Hey Guys, I'm using Action-sheet dynamically and set in up in my controller on Angular 4. But I can't find how to set the click event on dynamic buttons https://onsen.io/v2/api/angular2/ons-action-sheet-button.html
    Can you help me please ?
    Hi all, I am just exploring onsen ui search input
    can any one pls give me an example which is working with search input and below list should reflect based on the search ?
    Hey there. Is there a maximum width on Toolbar-Buttons or why is my top-right button cut off?
    @rawoofpm7 @exophunk Please refer to the following link as we are currently migrating over to Discord. Thanks!
    Anyone online able to help a noob getting setup with React? I keep getting an error that ons is undefined
    <template id="main">
          <div class="center">Card</div>
          <div class="right"><button @click="addToList()">click</button></div>
    <div v-for="item in items">
          <img src="https://monaca.io/img/logos/download_image_onsenui_01.png" alt="Onsen UI" style="width: 100%">
          <div class="title">
            Awesome framework
          <div class="content">
              <v-ons-button><v-ons-icon icon="ion-thumbsup"></v-ons-icon></v-ons-button>
              <v-ons-button><v-ons-icon icon="ion-share"></v-ons-icon></v-ons-button>
    <div id="app"></div>
    new Vue({
      data: {
        items: ['item1', 'item2']
      el: '#app',
      template: '#main',
      methods: {
        addToList: function() {
    im trying to have a v-for loop with a v-ons-card from an array and than push a new item to the array but it doesnt update the v-for loop
    i also tried this with webpack and there it also doesnt work
    okay solved it by just wrapping the v-ons-card in an div
    @frandiox ,hi, i have an error "Unable to preventDefault inside passive event listener invocation." when use the <ons-pull-hook> component with vue2, can you help me?
    @frandiox ps: the error is always occurred in drag event
    @frandiox by the way, there is no this error in onsenui2.4.2 and vue-onsenui2.0.0 but onsenui2.9.1 and vue-onsenui2.5.2, is that a bug in onsenui2.9.1 and vue-onsenui2.5.2?
    Fran Dios
    @imlyuuku1123 Passive event listeners were added on 2.9.0 so I guess it's just a problem there
    I think it will be fixed in onsenui@2.9.3
    In anycase, you can ignore that error for now since it shouldn't break anything
    Yury Zhuravlev
    Do you have plans to support any compile time frameworks like SvelteJS?
    Hello there, Can we hide top navigator menu for pages like login ?
    Charles biselx
    Hi with onsen and vue, can I redirect to an other page without the template are in the same file ?
    like with js : window.location.href