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Repo info
    Charles biselx
    like with js : window.location.href
    Hey , Ive a problem with ons-card in angular 4. some cards are invisible no matter what. I'm trying to load them using *ngFor
    <ons-carousel-item *ngFor="let degree of degrees$;index as i ; " id ={{i}}>
    <ons-card style="display:block;">
        <form #degreeCertForm{{i}}>
        <ons-list-header> {{qualificationById[degree.qual_id]}} - {{specializationById[degree.spec_id]}} </ons-list-header>
          <div class="left">
            <ons-icon icon="ion-university"></ons-icon>
          <div class="center">
          <div class="right">
            <ons-button  (click)="getDegreeCert()" modifier="quiet"  > Upload </ons-button>
        <ons-list-item style="display: none;" >
          <div class="center">
          <div class="doc-preview-container">
            <img src="" class="doc-preview" >
        <div class="left">
      <div class="center">
      <input type="file" id="degreCert" accept="image/*" style="display:none;" (change)="onDegreeCertificateInput($event)" #Input{{'qual_' + degree.qual_id + '_spec' + degree.spec_id}} >
      <div >
        <p class="doc-helper-text" > Upload your degree certificate </p>
    could some one help me with this. thank you.
    Jonathan Leek
    I'm having issues using the should-spin, startSpin() functions on an ons-button element. I tried $().startSpin() and $()[0].startSpin() but both give me undefined errors. my button markup looks like this <ons-button id="btn-login" should-spin="true">Login</ons-button>
    @sorokya Please refer to the following link as we are currently migrating over to Discord. Thanks!
    hi,I'm getting below error ,
    onsenui.js:685 [Intervention] Unable to preventDefault inside passive event listener due to target being treated as passive. See https://www.chromestatus.com/features/5093566007214080
    anyone have idea
    @frandiox hi, i'm having some issues using the vue for onsenui, i tried to focus the ons-input element in the mounted event handler, it works in android, but doesn't work in ios , can you help me
    I have a question
    I have this line of code
               title: 'Error al iniciar sesión',
               message: 'Parece que alguno de los datos son incorrectos.',
               buttonLabels: 'Aceptar',
               callback: function (answer) {
    Works fine while watching it on browser
    but doesnt work on android device
    When I do cordova run android
    Im testing on android 6.0
    Seems like a lot of people are asking questions and there are no answers. I tried the forums but Facebook login or registration do not work. Is OnsenUI a dead project ?
    Simon Bächler
    I upgraded from 2.6 to 2.9 and now the Checkbox components from react-onsenui do not render in the Karma tests anymore (using Enzyme). They render fine in the Browser. Does anyone have an idea why?
    Can i replace ons navigator with angularjs router?
    Masahiro Tanaka


    We switched our community chat service from Gitter to Discord because of the usability.
    Please use the link below to signup for your account.

    See you there!


    Hi can someone help this noob to understand how to enable slideshow in carousel and also ensure that after the last slide is reached, if person clicks on next, he is redirected to the first slide
    It's kinda dead here ...
    Hi, I need a color picker for Onsen UI. Please suggest, which plugin I need to use that supports ios as well as android.
    Saša Šijak
    I am using vue + onseen + typescript and I have a problem that in vue component typscript is not aware that 'this' has $ons binded to it so it throws :
    TS2551: Property '$ons' does not exist on type 'nameOfComponent'
    any workaround?
    Y. John Ararat
    @skapin lol... "kinda"?
    Ebrahem Al-Hajeri
    Hello. Why https://onsen.io/v2/api/vue/v-ons-tabbar.html# wouldn't work if I changed new Vue( to export default {? project structure is index.html, main.js (which renders App) and App.vue (contains the code in the example URL)
    Denis Burkin
    Roj Serbest Kerîm
    How can I import onsen io
    Sebastián Guevara
    @realRojSerbest_twitter which version of OnsenUI, React, vue, css, web components or angular ?
    Hi I'm having a issue with the toast UI on an angular project, at the moment that I call the "onsnotification.toast" It shows the notification, but it starts to flickering
    some one have heard about that bug or any possible conflict?, i'm using angular 7 and the latest onsen
    STN Sam
    Hello can somebody make me a Android app thats is Mem/Notes ? just basic stuff i will Publish and edit the stuff
    Contact me on telegram @STN69
    Hi, anyone using Monaca and have used the in-app-updater plugin?
    Hi, what's the best way to make carousel item width to auto? Is !important with width:auto a best option?
    anybody is using onsen for creating dinamically table rows?
    2 replies
    Hi, Any sample cummunity taxi app layout available ? Any docs/links welcome.
    Sarthak Rohatgi
    Does anyone know how to change onsen-dialog size?
    hi guys i m new here..i want to create web based using onesenUI
    is it possible can work with onesenUI and cordova
    Hy gopakur. Yes you can, but remember that onsenUi is used just for mobile, for windows Linux, or web browser you need to use an web framework UI. If you want we can speak on email. Contact me on dev@progettirete.it, because I work on Cordova for a while, and we can share some experience.
    Hi Guys Need a urgent help on onsenUI question please help
    Felix Ivan Romero Rodríguez
    There is any integration onsen ui with svelte?
    Mashrur Mohsin Afif 🇧🇩
    @firomero No