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Pragati Verma
Hello people!!! We are now all ready to go for Hacktoberfest2019 as the clock approaches 12. Contact us here for any details, queries and doubts.
Whether you're a beginner or an intermediate level Programmer, developer or designer, your first contribution is on us. Visit the link below and follow along to step closer to your rewards. Contributions begin on 1st October,2019 . Happy Hacktober, keep hacking!!! 😃 https://hacktoberfest.netlify.com/
Also, 🌟 star the GitHub repository: https://github.com/Open-Source-Contributors-JSS/Hacktoberfest2019
Pragati Verma
Okay in case you are done with the beginner's contribution section, head to the intermediate section and add your favourite algorithm or html/css snippet there and again make a pull request.
Remember, the readme.md file has all your answers. Do check it out if in confusion or ask here.
We will be sharing other links where you can easily find beginner-friendly issues where you can contribute. Happy Hacking and some patience!!
Pragati Verma
Done with your pull request, check your photos here:
krishna kakade
@PragatiVerma18 can add me our team you can checkout my all repositories you can get full documentation also ok thank you i done with pull requests
Pragati Verma
@krishnakakade1999 That's great to hear from you and we are happy that you are done with your pull requests. 😃
Looking for more beginner-friendly projects where you can contribute?? We have you covered. Checkout these links below and ping us in case you need any other help.
Pragati Verma
Or else read this freecodecamp guide on how to find your next contribution: https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/finding-your-first-open-source-project-or-bug-to-work-on-1712f651e5ba/
Hi, not too sure where to ask this but I have made some contribution to other repos. But they are not coming up? It just says on my profile that I have just 4 and that they are "Maturing in" 6 or so days. Would someone be able to explain to me? Apologies again if this is the wrong place to ask.
Rajat Verma
@thebanterage They will first check for the 4 contributions shown on your profile and if none of them are marked as invalid by the owner within 6 days then all your four contributions will be counted in this hacktoberfest.
krishna kakade
Hello @rajat2502 my pull requests still doesnot accepted I accepted both of you pull requests @PragatiVerma18 I completed with proper syntax with no issues hopefully you guys are going to merge it .
@krishnakakade1999 sorry for the delay.. actually we are getting to many pull requests that's why we are taking to much time for accepting the request because we have to check each and every request properly...
Prashi Doval
hi, I just added git commands. and sent the pull request. Let me know if any change is required.
Kranthi Lakum
Hi. After pulling the latest changes from the repository, I see "Intermediate/algorithms/Bubble_sort.py" appear in git status even though I have not added any changes to it. There is no way to git checkout the file. It looks like someone did not rename it properly. Does anyone else see this issue in your local environment?
Pragati Verma
Hi @kranthilakum. I am unable to understand you properly, you can share screenshots or at least steps to reproduce what you are seeing right now. Also, make sure that you have pulled changes from master and working on your own new branch.
@prashi_doval_twitter Yeah, we are looking into it. If changes are required, you will be notified and if all is fine, it will be merged. Have Patience, We are working to have your PRs merged. Thanks. 😃
Hi thanks for answering my previous question I made commits to the open source contributor repo and they were merged into the master. Yet it says that I have contributed to a Ineligible Repository?
Any help would be appreciated on this
Pragati Verma
@thebanterage, We are very sorry to inform all of you that our repository has been marked invalid by the official hacktoberfest team which means contributions done on this repo won't count for hacktoberfest2019. However, we believe that we taught you the basic rules of contributing to any repo.
Thus, we hope that you can still achieve your hacktoberfest T-shirts by contributing to some other repos
Although, we are here to help you and we are sorry for your loss. Thanks for contributing to our repository.
Harsh Vardhan
how long will the repo remain archived?
Pragati Verma
Until October, because we don't want people to contribute here and hope for hacktoberfest t-shirts since pull requests here won't count for it.