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Also: I am using StreamingResponseBody (Spring Boot)
Rakesh Bairi

We have been trying to achieve configuring Swagger on Aspnet Core Identity Server 4 Application, we have added Custom End points to ID4 refered from link.

Swagger Configuration:

Code added on Startup.cs > ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)

services.AddSwaggerGen(c =>
c.SwaggerDoc("v1", new OpenApiInfo { Title = "Identity Server Application", Version = "v1" });
Code added on Startup.cs > Configure(IApplicationBuilder app)

  // Enable middleware to serve generated Swagger as a JSON endpoint.
    // Enable middleware to serve swagger-ui (HTML, JS, CSS, etc.),
    // specifying the Swagger JSON endpoint.
    app.UseSwaggerUI(c =>
        c.SwaggerEndpoint("/swagger/v1/swagger.json", "Identity Server Application");

When i run application swagger/index.html only showing Custom Added End Points,its not showing Identity Server Endpoints like {connect/authorize,connect/token,connect/userinfo etc.}

Can any one please give me right direction to achieve above functionality.

swagger reponse coming in OpenApi format
Joseph Chambers
is there a option to generate a single instance because the openapi-generator to creates a new instance for each service.

an example:

const userApi = new UserApi(new Configuration({ baseOptions: {…} }), BASE_URL, axiosInstance);

Joseph Chambers
is there a way so I don't need to create a new instance for the UserApi, ReactionsApi, etc etc?
Joseph Chambers
I should say when I have multiple tags.
Ben Gill
Hey, we are using 5.0.0.SNAPSHOT, and seeing this behaviour on typescript-angular generator: Property 'toISOString' does not exist on type 'string'.
309         return this.httpClient.get<LoadHolidayResponse>(`${this.configuration.basePath}/rest/holidays/loadBetween/${encodeURIComponent(String(contextId))}/${encodeURIComponent(String(contextIdType))}/${encodeURIComponent(String(start.toISOString()))}/${encodeURIComponent(String(end.toISOString()))}`,
caused by @PathVariable("start") @DateTimeFormat(iso = DateTimeFormat.ISO.DATE_TIME) LocalDateTime start,
is anyone actively working on the typescript generator?
William Cheng
Saskia Gennrich
hey everyone. Would anyone see any problem with sorting all objects by key in the yaml spec. Would there be a case where the order of the key value pairs could be important?
For some background, we want to generate a client from an openapi document that is given to us, but our partner makes frequent additions and minor changes to it, and doesn't even preserve the order of the paths entries. Which makes diffing very complicated, which we have to do, because we have to tweak the document to even generate usable code.
I am trying to find a way to generate only the model embedded in the OpenAPI YAML spec & not the API's altogether (language Java), except moving model into a separate yaml is there a way to do that ?
Thibault Duperron
You can disable api and utils generation with "generateApis" and "generateSupportingFiles" parameters to false
Thanks @Zomzog let me try...
couldn't find generateApis in https://github.com/OpenAPITools/openapi-generator/tree/master/modules/openapi-generator-gradle-plugin has it been renamed to something else ?
Thibault Duperron
For gradle plugin, it looks not available "out of the box". It must be set like that globalProperties.put("supportingFiles","true") but I have wired behavior on my test.
I will try to look at it after work but maybe you can have a better answer in the slack channel
William Cheng
Aaron Tye
Hello, I have an apidoc with schemas that have "id" and "_id" properties. When I use the go generator, the resulting structs have multiple id fields which causes errors. The underscore isn't being handled. Is this expected behavior? Is there an option or configuration to skip/ignore fields?
type Example struct {
    Id int32 `json:"id"`
    Id *string `json:"_id,omitempty"`
2 replies
Michael Mangeng

Hi, i've got a question about Java Annotation Schema definition and generation of Java-Stubs. I'm not sure what i do wrong or if there is a bug in the generator. My schema looks like:

            summary = "Parameter offset and size are used for pagination. Size is capped at 10000.",
            method = "POST",
            requestBody = @RequestBody(
                    required = true, content = @Content(schema = @Schema(implementation = SearchRequest.class))),
            responses = @ApiResponse(
                    content = @Content(array = @ArraySchema(
                        arraySchema = @Schema(implementation = PaginatedSequence.class),
                        schema = @Schema(implementation = Org.class)
public PaginatedSequence<Org> searchOrg(int offset, int size);

But the generated client stub method has the signature:

public List<Org> searchOrg(Integer offset, Integer size, SearchRequest searchRequest) {...}

My Problem is with the return type. The "PaginatedSequence" holds the fields items,offset,size,count to enable Pagination. With the usage of java.util.List instead of PaginatedSequence, those are gone.

I would like to get the same return type for the generated method as for the method in the interface. Maybe somebody can drop me a hint what i can do to get the desired results.

Michael Mangeng
(oh and i removed the Query-Parameter Definitions for offset and size for this post here from the Annotations to reduce it to the relevant parts).

Hi all

How do i set server url when using openapi-generator-cli generate?

I have my servers defined in schema as /my/api, but openapi-generator adding http://localhost, can i stop it from doing this?

2 replies
Hi everybody, doese any of you know why open api generator still generating rxjava 1 for java with vertx library? as announced in github, rxjava 1 is dead since 31.03.2018!
1 reply
William Cheng