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May 2015
Peter Vermeulen
May 01 2015 11:08
Small update on the tagger issues we had: they seem to be fixed now with the changes we made recently
we are almost ready for the 0.8 release, only thing I would like to fix is the background coverage coloring: in black theme the code becomes unreadable with the current green/red colors
I'm trying to fix it so that it detects the theme (this is not so hard), but also detecting theme changes and update the coverage coloring that was already applied to the code (this is not so straightforward)
because I don't think it's possible to find background colors that work well in both the black and light themes
or should we just make these colors a setting? that way the user can choose his preferred colors
Toni Wenzel
May 01 2015 11:18
I would prefer both. A default option were we set the colors according to the current theme and a "custom" option to let the user choose his own colors. Because some users may have custom theme we do not know.
Shaun Wilde
May 01 2015 12:05
@pver I agree with @twenzel (though frankly you two are doing such a good job I am going to keep my mouth shut :))