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Dec 2015
Robert Standefer
Dec 15 2015 02:15
I signed the CLA and enabled 2FA. I didn't want to be "that guy" with the exclamation point next to his name.
Ashhar Hasan
Dec 15 2015 04:03
I had a question r
I had a question which is related to localization. I submitted a pull request to an issue but it involved changing some of the text in the strings.xml(I don't remember the exact file name). So did I do it right? Or do I also have to change it at other places?
It is issue #103 btw and the PR is #121
The file is DisplayMessages.xml
Will Duff
Dec 15 2015 06:38
For those who want to give it a try, I've implemented the minimal support necessary to add a Google Blogger account and post a text-only post with the latest commit in #101. Still lots of work to be done - it can't even edit an existing post or post images yet. And you need to generate your own OAuth client ID and client secret for now (hint: see the bottom of OpenLiveWriter.BlogClient.csproj).
I hope to have a 'nightly' release build tomorrow that everyone can give a try. I'll get a little bit more of the API fleshed out by then.
Ashhar Hasan
Dec 15 2015 06:59
I'll check it out tonight (GMT + 5:30)
Dec 15 2015 22:56
I've just downloaded and tried to log into my Blogger accounts but it wont allow is this work in progress ? & any idea on timescale of when I'll be able to get back to updating my blogs via new ULW ? Thanks. Bob
Scott Lovegrove
Dec 15 2015 22:57
@1093brown yes, work is in progress to fix this. Keep an eye out on our twitter account, or sign up for the announcements email to hear when that fix has gone out
Dec 15 2015 23:00
Many Thanks, Have signed up for the announcements & will add twitter account. MANY THANKS & really looking fwd to using this updated OLW with Blogger :)