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Feb 2016
Kathleen Weaver
Feb 05 2016 13:14
@hashhar Why are the navigation links in the website all absolute? Makes it a pain to test. Can I change to relative links?
Kathleen Weaver
Feb 05 2016 17:23
@willduff One of advantage of me reading code: gives me tutorials to write.
Ashhar Hasan
Feb 05 2016 18:09
@kathweaver Yup. They should be relative to the root.
You should run jekyll serve. It will create a folder called _site. That is what the website looks like. Use that to refactor the links.
Andreas Schiffler
Feb 05 2016 22:09
@willduff Would you be interested as GSoC Mentor, or OrgAdmin?
Anyone else here or from the OLW founding team interested to set this up?
I'd be happy to volunteer as either org admin or mentor (having done both in the past). While I have some travels during February and am crazy busy right now, I can certainly do stuff online and will definitely try to get more into OLW coding in March (like actually submit some fixes and pull-requests).
Steps for now are as follows: (1) create ideas page (, (2) create a mentor pool (min 1) and find 2 org admins to handle the paperwork and application (3) apply ( before Feb 19th, (4) if accepted, get a good students, org admins manage paperwork, etc.
Kathleen Weaver
Feb 05 2016 23:29
I could probably help.
Okay @hashhar -- I'll fix those links. Yes, I'm getting quite good at jekyll