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Feb 2016
Kathleen Weaver
Feb 12 2016 02:34
I've filled in a few of the blanks @ferzkopp for GSoC
Kathleen Weaver
Feb 12 2016 03:40
@ferzkopp I started a webpage for Google Summer of Code -- one of the requirements -- and put the above information. Don't have anything for application instructions yet.
Andreas Schiffler
Feb 12 2016 05:23
@kathweaver Great - thanks. I'll try to sync everything up tomorrow, add some content and send an email out again with status.
Ashhar Hasan
Feb 12 2016 19:51
Screenshot from 2016-02-13 01-13-56.png
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Screenshot from 2016-02-13 01-14-43.png
Which of these looks better.
Kathleen Weaver
Feb 12 2016 20:21
Number two.