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hi. how i can know - which version cuda used by opennmt?
Guillaume Klein
@Sirogha Do you mean the CUDA version that is required by OpenNMT?
M Saiful Bari
@guillaumekln hi there...!
In case if two language doesn't share the characters then how do we do the translation on a Name. Like "Rahul" (a male name) is english, should be "راهول" in Arabic, "राहुल" in Hindi.
So how actually <unk> tag replace work in that case.
If there is any related reference paper you can cite that would be great also. And also does OpenNMT supports this?
Guillaume Klein
Hi! In OpenNMT-Lua, there is the -phrase_table that can be used for this: for any <unk> token in the target, the corresponding source token is looked up in the table to find a translation. Other approaches include splitting names on characters and let the model learn the translation or, more commonly, replacing entities with placeholder tokens and have a separate processing software to replace these placeholders.
M Saiful Bari
Is it also available in openNMT-py/tf?
I don't see any -phrase_table tag for OpenNMT-py
Guillaume Klein
Yes it's only in OpenNMT-lua unfortunately but it's not complicated to add in OpenNMT-py. This feature gets less attention nowadays because Transformer models are incompatible with it as it requires alignment information from the model.
M Saiful Bari
So if I'm using transformer model there's no way I can solve this?
Guillaume Klein
You can try to split them on characters if you believe there are enough examples in the training data for the model to learn something. Otherwise, this requires an external pre- and post- processing.
M Saiful Bari
I was thinking about doing some kind of Transliteration/Romanization of the target language to the source language.
Otherwise, this requires an external pre- and post- processing.
what are the pre/post processing? Any resource out there?
Apart from that if I see(in the following link) google translate, see the red marked text here. Is this the pre/post processing steps here?
Guillaume Klein

what are the pre/post processing?

There are several ways to achieve this and I don't know you current workflow for NMT so it's difficult for me to answer.

M Saiful Bari
@guillaumekln Thank you for your answer. I will think and work on your points. If I came to any specific problem then I will ask you again. Actually right now I'm exploring NMT. I wanted to see how to handle the different issues of NMT. This is a pedagogical exploration. Right now I don't have any specific workflow. My research goal is to do kind of Discourse exploration in NMT. I just started.
does opennmt in tf support attention mechanism?
Jean Senellart
yes of course
Hello. If i try to translate some text with -replace_unktagged and -tok{src,tgt}_case_feature, so i get result with ⦅unk:xxxxx⦆but in only lowercase. How i can find case type for unk?
Hi. I started train data after sentencepiece bpe mode tokenizer. And get error in 4 epoch
[02/08/19 09:43:54 INFO] Epoch 4 ; Iteration 98300/103388 ; Optim SGD LR 1.000000 ; Source tokens/s 8042 ; Perplexity 10.81
/root/torch/install/bin/luajit: bad argument #2 to '?' (out of range at /root/torch/pkg/torch/generic/Tensor.c:913)
stack traceback:
[C]: at 0x7f65146d1580
[C]: in function '__index'
./onmt/train/Trainer.lua:234: in function 'getBatchIdx'
./onmt/train/Trainer.lua:276: in function 'trainEpoch'
./onmt/train/Trainer.lua:484: in function 'train'
train.lua:333: in function 'main'
train.lua:338: in main chunk
[C]: in function 'dofile'
/root/torch/install/lib/luarocks/rocks/trepl/scm-1/bin/th:150: in main chunk
[C]: at 0x00405d50
What can be do it?
most NMT models use byte pair encoding for to solve unknow words can anyone explain why it is useful?
@sergei-from-vironit most NMT models use byte pair encoding for to solve unknow words can you explain why it is useful?
Why features are calculated after splitting based on pipe, what if the data does not contain "|"
I have multiple questions regarding copy mechanism implemented in Opennmt toolkit.
1) "Since we are using copy-attention [1] in the model, we need to preprocess the dataset such that source and target are aligned and use the same dictionary. " .This is a line from the readme . What does alignment between source and target words mean?
2) Has anyone tried copy mechanism with transformer architecture? If yes how was the performance?
Guillaume Klein
You probably want to post these questions in https://gitter.im/OpenNMT/OpenNMT-py or in the forum https://forum.opennmt.net/
woo chin
I wonder maybe I should try a different BPE model other the aggressive one? I will try to update more often at https://gitter.im/OpenNMT/OpenNMT-py https://wordcounter.tools
Karen Lastmann Assaraf
Did someone already converted an opennmt self attention encoder-decoder to a hugging face transformer?