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Repo info
    Hey there all
    Does anyone have any ideas about the maximum transfer rate that the tether for the OpenROV 2.8 Mini Observation Class ROV can push through?
    I want to install an additional camera on the ROV and have it toggled between the HD camera and the one I install for an experiment. Having a hard time finding that max Mbps though for the tether. Thanks for the help
    Bran Sorem
    It'd be interesting to see OpenROV put projects on this site:
    Emily Lester
    Hi there, I am interested in using an OpenROV 2.7 mini observation class ROV during some of my fieldwork in the Great Barrier Reef but am concerned about its capacity to deal with currents. Has anybody conducted some testing in coral reefs? Did the OpenROV deal with currents etc? Thanks!
    Hi there, can I add a robotic arm to it?