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I was testing out a new reconciliation service and was surprised that most of the time was not taken by the fuzzy search but by the processing of the results. This got me thinking along these lines.
22 replies
Shubham dubey
Hello Everyone! I am Shubham. I am Familiar with Front-End dev with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and learning React.Js. I am willing to contribute to this organization and learn along the way, also I am new at open source and looking forward to exploring it ahead. Also interested in GSoC'21. Any kind of contribution regarding what I can do will be highly appreciated. Glad to be Onboard!!!
1 reply
mayank kumar
Hi Everyone! I am Familiar with Front-End dev with HTML, CSS, Javascript. I am willing to contribute to this organization. I am new to this community, Please guide me the resources to get started. Really appreciate your help.
Matias Garcia Isaia
Hi there!
Is anyone around able to use the Google Drive/Sheets integration using a GSuite/Workplace account?
Utkarsh Nagar
Hi! I am working on this issue OpenRefine/OpenRefine#3575 and I want to know, how can I see the changes made in the Document in the local branch. Could anybody help me with this?
Kush Trivedi
Govind Tomar
Hi everyone! I'm Govind. I'm good in HTML, CSS, JS, nodejs, react, and java. I'm new to open source community. I've read the readMe files and set the project on my local environment. I've checked for "good first issues" and "beginner-friendly issues", but they're mostly assigned or to be reviewed. Please guide me!!
1 reply
Tom Morris
If anyone else would like to help with issue triage, either to categorize those that "Need Review", or to help identify "Good First Issue", "Good Second Issue", candidates, the assistance would be welcome.
Mohamed Metwalli
Hello everyone!
I'm a 3rd-year undergraduate computer engineering student at the Faculty of Engineering at Alexandria University, Egypt.
I am excited to contribute to the community.
I have a good experience in Java, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vue.js, C/C++, CP, and problem solving using java and C++.
I am new to open source communities and i would like to participate in this community.
can you guide me to the resources to get started? I really appreciate your help.
Best Regards!
4 replies
Govind Tomar
Hey everybody, I'm new to the open source community. I've read the readme files. I'm not able to understand the codebase of the project. How can I understand it?
2 replies
Dennis Priskorn
Hi. I installed openrefine on Arch from AUR. I choose jre11. I get an internal server error 500 for every kind of export.
Also I cannot upload to WD.
Anyone here who have similar issues?
3 replies
Dennis Priskorn
I get errors related to login. I don't understand why because OR tells me in the interface that I am logged in.
"22:30:25.622 [..ting.EditBatchProcessor] MediaWiki error while editing [assertuserfailed]: You are no longer logged in, so the action could not be completed. (80857ms)"


I'm a first year CSE(with specialization in IoT and Cyber Security) undergraduate at IEM, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

I have seen that OpenRefine uses Java and JavaScript. Though I'm yet to learn JS, I've worked with Java before and am quite confident in it.

I would love to contribute to your projects. Can you please suggest me how to begin?

1 reply
Henk Laloli
Hello, I am trying to get data from a database in Open Refine. The connection to myslq works, but I never get results from a query. It hangs. I found this in the error log: Failed to batch recon with load:
4 replies
Avinesh Tripathi
hello everyone I am using windows where i cloned the open Refine after forking i have done ./refine clean and now doing build where the program has stuck at a point and no further actions are happening there I m new into contribution so can anybody help me out
9 replies
please dm if anybody wishes to help that would be really appreciated
Magnus Sälgö
Anyone who has an easy way to check that a picture P18 in a Wikidata object has on WIkicommons depict ro the same Wikidata object
Prerna Sidana
Hi everyone, I am a CSE undergraduate specialising under cyber security, stream CSE. I am into web development and have hands on skills in HTML and Javascript. I have also started Flutter for my college project. I would like to contribute to this organisation this year. Connect with me through linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/prernasidana/
Hello, I'm new to Eclipse and was hoping to follow my nose from these instructions, but I'm having trouble following the bread crumbs. I've downloaded Eclipse IDE for Enterprise Java Developers version 2020-12 (4.18.0) and when I right click to "Run configurations..." my screen looks different than those in the instructions. I chose Java Application, but there is no option for Goals.
Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 4.45.24 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 4.48.49 PM.png

When I run with this setup the console says the following:

16:38:16.799 [            refine_server] Starting Server bound to '' (0ms)
16:38:16.811 [            refine_server] Warning: Failed to find web application at '/Users/this user/OpenRefine/github.upstream/OpenRefine/server/webapp' (12ms)

It feels like I might not have the CLASSPATH fully setup. Any pointers would be appreciated. Even pointers on getting started with Eclipse would be welcome.

5 replies
Hello, I'm trying to use the "cross" function in OpenRefine 3.4.1 with extended functionality according to the documentation ("... If you omit projectName and columnName, they will default to the current project and index column..."). What's wrong with my code? Thanks!.
2 replies
Antonin Delpeuch
Hi all, our application to the Wikimedia Foundation to develop an integration with Wikimedia Commons is out. Feedback welcome! https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:Project/Structured_Data_on_Wikimedia_Commons_functionalities_in_OpenRefine
1 reply
Is there any way to do clustering across two or more columns? I'm working on some local political data, and we have candidates donating money to themselves. Problem is, they often use a simpler preferred name when running for office/accepting contributions (Tony Smith), vs their actual legal name when giving contributions (Anthony Smith). It would be useful to standardize names in both Recipient and Contributor columns.
4 replies
Launching OpenRefine from within an Ubuntu container I get the following warning messages. Is there anything to worry about? What does this mean? :

WARNING: An illegal reflective access operation has occurred
WARNING: Illegal reflective access by org.python.core.PySystemState (file:/home/openrefine/webapp/extensions/jython/module/MOD-INF/lib/jython-standalone-2.7.1.jar) to method java.io.Console.encoding()
WARNING: Please consider reporting this to the maintainers of org.python.core.PySystemState
WARNING: Use --illegal-access=warn to enable warnings of further illegal reflective access operations
WARNING: All illegal access operations will be denied in a future release
19:28:51.110 [ refine] Sorry, some error prevented us from launching the browser for you.

Point your browser to to start using Refine. (69818ms)

Thad Guidry
The illegal reflection happens because you have Java 9 or greater being used in the container which is fine and you can ignore the error. But you will not get the error with Java 8.
@rafale_gitlab - As @thadg:matrix.org said, this shouldn’t prevent you from using OpenRefine. Have you exposed that port from your container to the outside and pointed your browser to the exposed port?
Thank you Thad. Yes, I exposed port 3333 in the dockerfile; and have the guest/host port mapped ( -p3333:3333), but after starting OpenRefine, cannot see it on the host at ...
The message from Firefox is: "
The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.
The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
SOLVED: All error messages, all warning messages, and all access problems have been resolved. SOLUTION: Downgraded from OpenJDK 11 to OpenJDK 8 (jdk 1.8). LESSONS FOR ALL: DO NOT USE JAVA 9 OR LATER IF YOU WANT TO RUN IT IN A DOCKER CONTAINER.
USE JAVA 8 (OpenJDK 1.8)
Thank you for the tip, THad
Dharmalingam Dhayananth
Hello all. I am currently trying to configure OpenRefine to my local wikibase instance. I have configured a reconciliation service to my wikibase. However, I can see Wikibase entities and properties only in reconciliation tab. when I editing the schema (adding statements), the autocomplete text shows only wikidata items and properties. Also, there is no option to upload the edits to my wikibase (in the top right corner dropdown). It should be possible to upload the edits to my wikibase.
I can see in the chat , there is a manifest configuration required. Highly appreciated if anyone can help me to figure out this problem. Thank you all
Sandra Fauconnier
Here’s a question asked via Twitter. Does anyone know? https://twitter.com/heald_j/status/1382302390402093059 "Q that came up on the #wikimaps telegram channel this morning:
Is it possible to make OpenRefine do coordinate-nearness matching first, rather than string matching?
Can OR reconciliation services access eg the WDQS wikibase:around spatial index?"
5 replies
Hello, I'm a new OpenRefine's user and I'm not used to write regular expressions or things like that. I'm trying to clean a file with 10000 texts and I would ve very glad if someone could tell me how to get this kind of requests (with value.replace() ):
  • I try to delete all the sentences starting with "this article has been published in...", knowing that it's always at the end of the text and a lot of different titles can be put for ...
5 replies
  • to delete all the emails and websites name (that can be very different)
  • all the sentences "collected by ...." (.... = the name of someone composed of first name and name) anywhere in the text
  • updated on ../../.... (= a date)
  • and to change, in one sentence, different names in one name (ex: to replace EU or european commission or europe by european union)
thank you very much in advance for your help!
Hi! When I select "export to quickstatements", I get a blank page (no download occurs). Am I doing something wrong?
got it, I need to select that menu item when I have the data grid loaded
Antoine Beaubien
Is there a link to get the latest nightly build of OR? Not the v3.4.1, but the current master branch from last night? I'm looking for a download link or a GH page link…
2 replies
Amisha Kumari
hi , I am new here can anyone help me ?? to contribute in this project.
5 replies
Shatakshi Gupta
Hi everyone. I have been trying to run docs on my local machine through yarn start as stated in the README.md to first git checkout master and then editing and saving the docs and doing yarn start. But after yarn start I am not able to see the site on local host and can only see the OpenRefine logo. I believe that it is due to Java version 13.0.2 that I am using. Can anyone suggest with what lower version(Java) should I be using to make that work? Thanks.
6 replies