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请问我写了三个非微服务的spring boot 项目 相互之间 resttemplate调用 trace里面断成了三条是为什么?
Hello, I used the docker-compose to deploy the skywalking 6.6 with link "https://github.com/apache/skywalking-docker/blob/master/6/6.6/compose-es7/docker-compose.yml" , the docker image for oap keep restart every 15 sec, do I know it why ?
looks like it shown "java.net.UnknownHostException: elasticsearch"
traceid集成到logback只支持在stdout吗?不支持在fileAppender ?
qq group can not join。need invite
John Niang

The CI & IT is quite unstable.

While I reopened my PR, all checks passed before failed to pass partially.

John Niang
Meanwhile, the latest PR apache/skywalking#4220 is a live case as well.
吴晟 Wu Sheng
You could re-run the test if it is unstable
And English discussion happens on slack or mail list.
Please move to there. I wouldn’t look at here usually.
John Niang
Copy that.
Vishwanath pal
hi, I have got this message saying:
ThinkPad-E480:~/Downloads/software/apache-skywalking-apm-6.6.0/apache-skywalking-apm-bin/bin$ ./startup.sh
SkyWalking OAP started successfully!
how would I open UI part of it
I m new to skywalking and finding my way to integrate with my spring boot project.
吴晟 Wu Sheng
@vishwanathpal We have moved the English discussion to slack. This channel is not active anymore. Recommend to use mail list or slack.
Vishwanath pal
how would I join slack? could you add me? vish.p.pal@gmail.com
@wu-sheng Can I join slack?
All availlable channels are here.
They are open to everyone.
Иван Сердюк
Hi there
Just discovered your Gitter room
Иван Сердюк
@imkiven , @hellxz : any success in your ElasticSearch related investigations?
Hello, we have an oom exception when using skywalking6.6 and skywalking7.0 in the production environment
How can I solve this problem?
Federico Bollotta
Hi guys! Nice to join this room!
Federico Bollotta

Trying to create first SkyWalking infrastructure with Docker-Compose (Skywalking version 7.0), the OAP container provides me this error:

org.apache.skywalking.oap.server.library.module.ModuleNotFoundException: [receiver_zipkin] missing.
at org.apache.skywalking.oap.server.library.module.ModuleManager.init(ModuleManager.java:64) ~[library-module-7.0.0.jar:7.0.0]
at org.apache.skywalking.oap.server.starter.OAPServer

Seems that it can finds the package related to Zipkin, someone know how to solve the issue?

吴晟 Wu Sheng
@bingjava @bollohz All discussion has been moved to Apache slack or mail list.
Teng Yongjie
where is the code style guide?
吴晟 Wu Sheng
@beiyoufx All discussion happens on slack and mail list only.
Hi, I would like to get skywalking to receive zipkin traces from my spring boot app. An Instruction guide will help
吴晟 Wu Sheng
@MelvinStephen We have moved to slack already.
hi guys,how do i use webhook send span message or stack text by alarm.
any one, use this skywalking-py with uwsgi????
We test skyworking-py work with flask and uwsgi. When Just run with Python, it's ok
But with uwsgi, we can't see any report log even can't find report in web page.
When work with Gunicron with thread mode, everthing look ok.So confuse.Any one help?
slack not exist, QQ need invite?So any one invite me?
many exception contain the "get proxied via CGLIB: Calls to this method will NOT be routed to the target instance and might lead to NPEs against uninitialized fields in the proxy instance" when the project init loading Bean.
I has added the agent.jar to my project .
Debanjan Bhowmick
Hi Team,
Greetings of the day !!
I have one query regarding Sky-php sdk, does it support Apache with PHP. I have done the setup for nginx, it works fine. Will it work fine for Apache as well?
docker-compose 怎么添加es 节点的认证
  - ./elasticsearch/config/elasticsearch.yml:/usr/share/elasticsearch/config/elasticsearch.yml