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Mar 2016
Mar 21 2016 10:49
The ZeroMQ implementation on the board - is very simple, it just sends 64 bytes of greetings, then waits for 64 + 27 bytes from the server (greetings and READY) and after that it sends another pre-dedined 27+3 bytes to server for subscribing to the channel. This pre-defined bytes are stored on the flash, and can be changed. Actual ETI-data will be parsed by ETI-parser block, and ZeroMQ header will be ignored there (I hope there will not be bytes that looks like ETI frame sync header inside of ZeroMQ header). That's why it's called 'basic'. The main point - is to fit into 1024 commands inside PicoBlaza6 soft-CPU, because another one 1024 commands will cost 2 Kilobytes of BRAM, that is used as FIFO buffer for ETI-stream.
Mar 21 2016 12:27
Wow! I'm looking forward to giving that a go. I will now make the screen dumps on the ETL at amplitude=1.0 and email them to you.
Mar 21 2016 13:16

Hi everybody
I hope this questions is better asked in this chatroom than in the google group:

Am I correct with my assumption that the *.mux config for ODR-DabMux only can link each (service) component to one service [ #245] ?
But DAB(+) itself allows 1 (service) component to be linked to multiple services [e.g. | The TPEG seems to be linked to all of the services] ?
Thanks for reading and have a nice day! :)

Nick Piggott
Mar 21 2016 15:18
@vvombat yes, that's correct. It's a current limitation in the way the file is parsed. If it was really important, you could probably hard code a config in the source. @mpbraendli - is the command line parser now completely deprecated?
Matthias P. Braendli
Mar 21 2016 16:14
Wait, I'm confused now. I thought one service / subchannel could be used by several components, and that this was enough.
I need to re-re-re-read the spec probably...