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Sep 2016
Sep 21 2016 11:42
Sorry for my abstinence - I switched jobs and there wasn't much time after all. -.- I'll put some time into it and will let you know by the weekend how far I've got!
Welcome @Glen :)
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Matthias P. Braendli
Sep 21 2016 17:17
Cool, congrats and all the best for your new job!
I'm currently reading up on half-open TCP connections because I seem to be impacted by this in my home experiment (between mux on the internet, and mod at home)
I had hoped that with TCP I can't end up in a situation where the modulator gets stuck because of a strange connection state, something I observed with ZMQ, but apparently it's to be expected somehow.
Nick Piggott
Sep 21 2016 22:30
I think @magicbadger can probably tell you about problems with similar systems at Global, where it just gets in a state where the client and server both think the connection is still valid, but it's not until something overflows at the TCP stack (which never happens for the client if it's only receiving data) that the broken connection is noticed.