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    Aditya Todkar
    In my case why is it not logging any data in process? Also in redis cloud instance not seeing any data
    Manuel Astudillo
    My recommendation is, take a working simple example from the documentation or tests and build on top of it.
    Aditya Todkar
    yes I understood what is wrong. Actually I am not able to connect redis cloud instance to bull queue. I tried this but not working something related to TLS not sure what exactly.
    redis: {
    port: "",
    host: "",
    tls: { rejectUnauthorized: false },
    Manuel Astudillo
    Try with something like this: ```redisOpts.tls = {
    rejectUnauthorized: false,
    requestCert: true,
    agent: false,
    servername: redisOpts.host,
    Aditya Todkar
    @manast I tried this as well
    redis: { port: "", host: "", tls: { rejectUnauthorized: false, requestCert: true, agent: false }, }but did not work
    Looks like this is related to redis cloud instance connection should I contact redis team regarding this? I could not found anything in bull queue docs regarding this issue
    Aditya Todkar
    Hi @manast I can connected redis enterprise cloud instance to node application but when I do queue.process() it throws error error Error: connect ECONNREFUSED just wanted to check does bull queue support remote cloud instance connection? Please check code below:
    const Bull = require("bull");
    const redis = require("redis");
    const client = redis.createClient({
      host: "",
      port: XXXXX,
      password: "",
    client.on("error", (err) => {
      console.log("Error " + err);
    const emailQueue = new Bull("email", client);
    emailQueue.on("error", (error) => console.log("error", error));
    const sendNewEmail = async (data) => {
      console.log("data", data);
      await emailQueue.add(data);
    module.exports = { sendNewEmail };
    Aditya Todkar
    Is it possible to update a particular job id data which is inside queue? But for that first I will have to query particular job by job id and then update that job. Is this possible in bull queue?
    Did anyone face memory leak issues with Bull.js? I'm on v4.1.1
    On the production server, the memory usage keeps increasing eventually crashing the server.
    Is it a known issue? Or am I doing something wrong? For context: the processors are sandboxed.
    Manuel Astudillo
    If there were known memory leaks it would have been fixed. And where is the memory increasing in the redis instance or in the nodejs instances?
    @manast Hey there, in the node instances.
    Kasun Vithanage
    Hi, is Bull suitable for handling longer delays in Jobs? I ve a queue where I want to execute jobs after 45mins from added time(there is an exact time stamp, but for now this delay would work fine). Jobs can have delays up to 60mins as well
    Manuel Astudillo
    @kasvith yes. I have bull queues in production with delays over a year.
    Hi guys, my company is using this awesome library to deal with repeatable jobs. It works great, but we do noticed that sometimes our repeated jobs will take more than the set interval to start running, or even not running after a while. Is this a known issue?
    Manuel Astudillo
    @normangoh do you have a snippet that shows that issue?
    Hi Guys, I cant find in the docs, if i add an additional job with the same id, what the behavior will be? Will it update the existing job? what if there is different data?
    nothing is

    Hey, i'm running into this issue: https://aws.amazon.com/premiumsupport/knowledge-center/elasticache-crossslot-keys-error-redis/

    I'm using nest.js, any ideas? thanks in advance

    @manast: Is there any to check if a queue is empty?
    Aditya Todkar
    Can I schedule a job which will run at a particular date? How can I do that? Should I calculate the millisecs difference with date.now() and then convert it into secs and assign that number to delay attribute in job options? Any other suggestions?
    Hi all, is there any way to set TTL on Redis Queue using Bull ? Thanks In advance
    Manuel Astudillo
    @aditodkar the way you suggested is the way to do it.
    Aditya Todkar
    Thanks Manuel
    Aditya Todkar
    Hi Manuel, just wanted to check 2 things regarding repeatable job options:
    1) startDate?: Date | string | number; // Start date when the repeat job should start repeating (only with cron) does this mean cron string is mandatory when startDate is mentioned?
    2) every?: number; // Repeat every millis (cron setting cannot be used together with this setting.) in this case every will only work if cron string is not present correct?
    link: https://github.com/OptimalBits/bull/blob/develop/REFERENCE.md#repeated-job-details
    Are these two things correct? thanks in advance :)
    has anyone encountered an error processing jobs' data? the data inside is null but when i look at it on taskforce.sh it is not?
    @manast hi,“Missing lock for job 103. finished”,Do you know what caused this
    Sebastian Schwarz
    Hi there, just stumbled over this chat through google. I am currently having trouble with implementing a long running worker on Heroku. I am trying to simulate a strategy game and therefor running through all options to find the critical path. This might take hours or days and I just want Heroku to process this for me in the background. Currently, I am running into "job stalled more than allowable limit" and I am wondering if there is any article about how to use Bull to execute this kind of task. Should I just set the lockDuration to a week or is there any documented best practices? Thanks for any hints in advance!
    2 replies
    We currently use BullQueue and it has worked flawlessly. Can we simply just update to BullMQ and in theory anything that was previously queued via BullQueue would get picked up by BullMQ? Or do they not communicate to the Redis clusters the same?
    1 reply
    Emmanuel Eze
    Hi @RyanBreaker , please I am currently facing this issue - "I'm looking to use bull to just run a specific task once every 30 seconds. I have it set up and running successfully now but when it runs I notice that it runs it three times in a row every 30 seconds instead of just once every 30 seconds. I have pretty much all default config, just with the repeater in of just {repeat: {every: 30000}." Please how were you able to solve this?
    Emmanuel Eze
    @manast , any idea what I am missing
    Manuel Astudillo
    Have you checked that you only have 1 repeatable job and not 3?
    Emmanuel Eze
    Thank you for your reply, It actually printed 3 and not 1. I am kinda confused as I only have on repeatable job at the moment. The only thing I changed on the repeatable job was the repeatOpts. Guess it cached the old changes and now sees the job as 3. How do I make sure it always has only 1 repeatable job @manast
    Aditya Todkar
    Hi Manuel, can you please take a look here https://github.com/OptimalBits/bull/discussions/2243#discussioncomment-1984598
    I have one doubt. Thanks
    Tukusej’s Sirs
    Hi everyone, I am all new to Bull. I need to be able to close (remove) a queue at runtime, but I want to process all queued jobs prior to closing it. Does Queue.close() wait for processing all queued jobs and only then closes the queue? Thanks!
    how can I manually retry a failed job with bullmq?

    Hi everyone,

    I have a problem:
    So I am adding quite a lot of job to a queue and as a result, there are a lot of jobs is waiting to be processed. My question: is there any way bull can only process latest job and throw away the rest in waiting list or there is anyway limit the size of waiting list?

    Thank you

    3 replies
    Jonathan Hulme
    Hi all, can anyone comment on the compatibility between bull3 vs bullmq4? Not so much of API compatibility but more so redis (schema) compatibility, for example. Should I be upgrading workers first or job emitters, or is there no back end compatibility?
    Daniel Netzer
    Hello everyone, I was wondering if I update job progress will it count as notifying the queueScheduler that the job is still being processed and renew the lock?
    to avoid job considered as stalled
    also, did anyone had any success with implementing a Sandboxed processor on Typescript/NestJS in specific?

    also, did anyone had any success with implementing a Sandboxed processor on Typescript/NestJS in specific?

    Yes, I did that for a project I did some time ago. It's doable, there's some great advice about Bulljs sandboxed processors in general available on stackoverflow. I do recall seeing some nice advice / questions on stackoverflow around it,

    Aisha Deshmukh
    Hi everyone! I have a doubt. Is bull and bullmq related? Is bull legacy version of bullmq? And if I'm currently using bull, is switching to bullmq a better option?