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Jul 2016
Jasmin Savard
Jul 24 2016 00:11
let me know what you guys think about this
it's using the Aside panel that was already in the Amaretti theme that we did not used yet.
here a short video of my implementation of Toastr notifications in Orchard
here another one for the media migration
Sipke Schoorstra
Jul 24 2016 09:37
I really like the filters appearing on the sidebar. Would it be a good idea to also show the selected filters in the form of "tags" obove the results, enabling the user to easily clear the filters one by one by clicking those tags (which would also display a little "x", similar to this:
Those toasters look sick! Could it replace the Message things?
Jasmin Savard
Jul 24 2016 15:30
I went to sleep just when you posted those messages :D
I like the idea of those tags
We could replace the messages with it but I think it makes more sense to use it when it is AJAX scenarios...
So yeah, instead of always pushing message in that upper top bar I think we could replace them with toastr messages
I would use both ways
just replace the AJAX use cases