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Jun 2016
Jun 14 2016 17:22
Morning all. i have a bit of an oddball question. Is there anyawy of running a python function from within Orchard? I see there’s DLR scripting support but is that robust enough?
Sébastien Ros
Jun 14 2016 18:27
in theory you can replace the scripting engine with another one, but you might not want to go to that extent, so you could at least provide a python Workflow Activity. What is you scenario to use python ?
Jun 14 2016 18:29
we’re using a tool for our CS group called fTrack which has a python API for accessing features. Request came in to create a request form for end users that has a bunch of options in it which would then create a project + tasks.
the api supports that, and would like to build it on our orchard platform if at all possible.
so my thought was to have a form generate the py file and then somehow run that
its a one and done scenario
maybe adding in something like ironpython would work?
Mark Noble
Jun 14 2016 20:15
Odd... somehow today my Import/Export menu got more... complicated.
It was a signle row of checkboxes.