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Nov 2016
Matteo Piovanelli
Nov 11 2016 08:20
@Xceno in case you missed it, today at 6pm CET there will be a meeting to further discuss localization (see #7352)
Nov 11 2016 15:34
@MatteoPiovanelli-Laser Thx I just saw it in the issue! :) I won't make it on time as I'm still in the office but I'll hop right in when I'm @ home some minutes later
Matteo Piovanelli
Nov 11 2016 17:07
@TFleury The activity widget on the right tells me you commented on 87a3948, but I cannot see it if I open it
Matteo Piovanelli
Nov 11 2016 17:29
@TFleury I see them now. I don't know what happened ther
S├ębastien Ros
Nov 11 2016 20:31
We had great localization design meetings, both last week and today. We solved all the issues :smile: or at least we think so, including for menus, taxonomies, culture neutral content fields, content item picker, ...
Jasmin Savard
Nov 11 2016 20:32