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Nov 2016
Nov 28 2016 01:00
How can I troubleshoot a SQL exception when setting up a new instance of Orchard using SQL Server? The only message showing up is "A SQL exception occurred" and no meaningful errors are thrown in VS. Just "NHibernate Transaction exception" with no detail..
Trying to use a new db, login details are for a user who is DBowner
Nov 28 2016 01:17
Sorry, exact error message: Setup failed: Begin failed with SQL exception
Nov 28 2016 06:34
Also, does anybody else get JQuery issues when adding layout elements to a layout with the latest vanilla source?
Nov 28 2016 13:24
Is it possible to use Autofac 4.x in 1.10.x?
Jamie Phillips
Nov 28 2016 17:49
@beatscholl I suggest you look at the Azure Authentication module in Orchard Source
@beatscholl It uses OpenID connect owin middleware and you can do something similar for other providers
S├ębastien Ros
Nov 28 2016 19:13
@hazdogga you can enable SQL logging in the logging config, there is a comment in the file that shows you how. It's like "NHibernate.SQL" to be "DEBUG"
but then remove it after, or your site will be slow
@MatteoPiovanelli-Laser how are we with drivers so far, when did I leave you at?