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Mar 2017
Mar 03 2017 07:27
by programatically.
can i perform enabling and disabling>?
Matteo Piovanelli
Mar 03 2017 09:07
Does anyone know how to extract the SQL from a ContentManager.Query() ? I would like to see it in the watch window in VS2015
Mar 03 2017 09:11
@mtcindia you can use commands but as u said previously, it was not working for you. By enabling it in database it should work
@MatteoPiovanelli-Laser when you call List() in the DefaultHql implementation the query has been translated to HQL. You can find the generated hql there.
Mar 03 2017 09:47
hello, Is there anyone know what's the differnece between IsPublished and HasPublished in IContent.cs file?
Carl Woodhouse
Mar 03 2017 10:33
ispublished means that particular version is published
haspublished means there is a published version
but it might not be that one
Mar 03 2017 10:33
S├ębastien Ros
Mar 03 2017 18:34
Some videos from the conference are available on youtube
Jasmin Savard
Mar 03 2017 18:45