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Jul 2018
Matteo Piovanelli
Jul 18 07:37
Has anyone ever tried this:
I have Module1, with features F1A, F1B.
I have Module2, with features F2A, F2B.
Now, there is a thing I am doing in Module2, to handle stuff that is there only if F1B is enabled.
My got-to soluzione would be to crate a new feature in one of the modules (likely Module1), depending on the 2 "existing" features.
Another thing I just thought is to have, in Module2 where I am doing the new thing, the classes for that new thing have the OrchardFeatureAttribute for the feature in the other module. Has anyone tried this?
Jean Jordaan
Jul 18 08:00
any chance of a new release in the 1.10 series? dev has had quite a lot of work and we'd prefer to stay on a release ..
Matteo Piovanelli
Jul 18 08:01
@jean I have been wondering the same lately. We have some stuff form dev in our production branch, but we'd much rather see it consolidated for everyone
Jean Jordaan
Jul 18 08:03
:thumbsup: it's been over a year since 1.10.2 ..
Jul 18 08:56
I second this. It seems a lot of progress has been done and it would be nice to seem them all in a new stable release