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Aug 2018
Aug 31 2018 08:23
Hello, I'm newbie to Orchard. Nice to meet you, all.
Can i add area DMS into Orchard.Core In Orchard CMS MVC ?
My idea is i want to link to new page have theme like dashboard theme
Sotiris Roussos
Aug 31 2018 08:29
Orchard.Core & Orchard CMS use different technologies. So, which of two are you interested in?
Aug 31 2018 08:37
Now, i working on Orchard.CMS because i deloy Orchard.Core failed
P/s: I see source code have orchard.core, orchard.framework... etc. I want to create area for DMS module in Orchard.Core.
Jean Jordaan
Aug 31 2018 10:46
string mediaPath = _storageProvider.Combine(Path.Combine(AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory, "Media"), "Default"); <-- looks like this is failing in a multi-tenant config, are we doing it wrong?
Jasmin Savard
Aug 31 2018 16:37
"Default" is probably the tenant name