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Sep 2018
Jean Jordaan
Sep 06 2018 06:14
We have another fix, really a workaround: OrchardCMS/Orchard#8105
Turns out calling .Count(..) after calling .Slice(..) on a content query result returns 0?
Matteo Piovanelli
Sep 06 2018 07:31
@jean #8104 looks fine to me, but have you tried tweaking the handler first? Perhaps moving what's in the Loaded handler to the Loading method?
I have a question about including resources in a razor for themes. Suppose during development I have style1.css and style2.css. Suppose I would prefer to keep them separate in development. However, in release they should always both be loaded, so I would have a minified style.min.css, that should include both the debug stylesheets. I know how to configure the minifier to do that. I don't know how to write a Style.Include that does it
Sep 06 2018 09:02
We've been having an issue with a clients site and 404's on items seemingly randomly when running on azure. We've never been able to repeat this locally and it looks like the aliases are always present in the alias table. Picking through the code I've come to the conclusion that it relates to Azure autoscale and the aliasholder only being updated on one instance. Has anyone come accross this/does this seem likely? They mentioned that the facebook debug tool that grabs the page was showing different results each time they refreshed it which would fit as it wouldn't be accepting the ar afinity cookie and so would have its request handled by different instances.
S├ębastien Ros
Sep 06 2018 16:42
@BuzzKeith there is a feature that allows to synchronize the alias list. You should enable it if you can scale up-down.
Sep 06 2018 16:47
@sebastienros thanks hadn't thought to look for that sorry!