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Sep 2018
Matteo Piovanelli
Sep 17 2018 10:04
hello @VahidNaderi
Could you explain what you mean/need? "integrate orchard work flows to another mvc project" could mean a lot of things depending on who you ask.
Vahid Naderi
Sep 17 2018 11:32
Thanks for your reply,
To clarify my intention: What I have is an e-commerce project, now I want to have work flow functionality there, I knew about Orchard CMS workflows which I like a lot. My question is if I want workflow in my e-commerce project similar to orchard CMS Workflows, can I just use workflow libraries by referencing them in the project or I have to have all the orchard cms for that or maybe just use some source code to implement my own workflow feature?
Benedek Farkas
Sep 17 2018 17:10
@VahidNaderi well, using just a single module is not really possible, because it has bunch of dependencies (Orchard.Framework and other extensions for example). Maybe you can try with ? I don't think this is a supported scenario, but maybe you can get something out of it.
Benedek Farkas
Sep 17 2018 17:15
But maybe you can get the Workflows module in itself working with changes (i.e. by removing the Orchard-y stuff) - Orchard extensions are MVC areas and the Admin functionalities in general are closer to MVC than user-facing content management stuff.