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    sebastienros on 1.10.x

    Delete obsolete profile images … (compare)

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Benedikt Neuhold
Thanks. Got it working with localdb ;)
Hi, is the "ReCaptcha Users"-Feature for the Login-Form at the admin-page?
If so, how can display it. (I already enabled it and configured the settings, but it's not showing)
@marcelowebsite the git repo has all the information you need, also consider give back to the community.
@3x0dv5 give me one reason to give back to a community that I cannot even get a yes or no answer to a couple of questions. I am a software engineer and not a lawyer, if I could make sense of that license I wouldn't be here in a community forum asking about it.
Jasmin Savard
The Licence says that you can do whatever you want with the code as long as you don’t use the Orchard branding. BTW your comment was pretty condescendent and I do not appreciate this kind of things. We owe you nothing as far as I know. You could have searched for the answer or read the licence to know that. Thanks.
Marco Cirillo
Guys is there anything fancy to do in order to upgrade from 1.10.2 to 1.10.3
Marco Cirillo
I tried just dropping an inplace upgrade but there're references to 1.10.2 assemblies which just prevent the app from loading and I'm unable to track 'em down.
Jasmin Savard
I can't say like that. Maybe you need to go on the github repo and see each .csproj files to make sure you did not do a bad merge.
Else, maybe old custom modules that are not loading
Those could be dynamically loaded with the app
Nuget packages
Hey Guys, What's the stable latest version of Orchard core...isn't Orchard 1.10.3?
1 reply
Jason D
I'm a developer for a manufacturer that wants to integrate a CMS to their existing website, and I've been playing with Orchard and Orchard Core. It's my understanding that Orchard CMS is recommended because Orchard Core is still in development (and I haven't had a smooth ride with trying to use it).
7 replies
Jasmin Savard
See this comment right here guys @Piedone @sfmskywalker
68 replies
Máté Róbert

Hi all,

I'd like to display certain 1st level menuitem(s) in bold. This setting should be done by a checkbox when the user create/edit a menu item.
I created a boolean field in Admin menu / Content definition / Menuitem URL (I don't know the name of the corresponding content definition in english Orchard).

Q: How to access a custom Content Field from a view in Orchard CMS 1.10.1? (There already is a custom theme and a view which is used to customize the menu).
I have a workaround examining the Model.Href with special char content, but it is NOT nice.

With custom content types I could reference it as built in fields (e.g. Model.ContentItem.FieldName ), but this is a different case.

Sorry for the n00b question... I created a stackoverflow entry for this.


5 replies
Aman Yadav
Just got a question, my company is using Orchard CMS on AWS (the servers dynamically scale based on users active). Every so often, all the image profiles stop working on PROD (which has 4> servers) not on UAT/Local (which have one server). Anybody familiar with this type of issue?
3 replies
Matteo Piovanelli
@sebastienros hello. I am writing a wordy issue for which I think we'll need to talk a bit, maybe involving someone with experience in what is going on under the hood of sql server. Let me know if you have room on Thursday or some other time after you've read it.
1 reply
Hermes Sbicego
Hello, at what time is today meeting? @sebastienros
Dean Marcussen
10am @PST so in about 15min
Andrew Alexander
Just learning about orchard (and yessql).. had a quick question. i have some content that changes often, is there any server push mechanisms to update the clients? or do we just need to add some javascript to poll periodicallly?
2 replies
@sebastienros hello. I'm trying to map an odata route, the api controller works fine, but MapODataRoute does not map route to the odata service. Is it possible at all to work with MapODataRoute, do you have any advice. Thank you.
Hello! I am totally newbie in the Orchard development, but my boss decided we need to use this CMS :) The pilot project is the following, the new user should able to register yourself, the cms send a verification email, after the success verification the user first time need to answer some questions, and than can use the system. Can I find somewhere a tutorial, or a web page where I can see how can I start develop this? Thank you!
2 replies
Arra Derderian
@Piedone , is the accepted practice for Orchard still to run the Orchard gulpfile.js? gulp build ?
seeing some strange behavior when we do a gulp rebuild
this PR to upgrade jquery-ui changes the file in Scripts, but not under Assets
So a gulp rebuild brings in jquery-ui 1.11 still and overwrites 1.12 which is in the target Scripts directory
4 replies
Arra Derderian
@sebastienros do you have a thought on this above? ^^ For modules like Orchard.Resources we should be using asset.json still right?
Juani Berrino
This message was deleted
3 replies
Arra Derderian
Does anyone know if the gulp pipe of Orchard is still used? As I referenced in item #8183 , the change only modified the /scripts directory versus the underlying asset itself. Running the Orchard gulp pipe on that module returns your jquery-ui version to 11.4 and breaks a bunch of widgets.
It's my understanding it is not standard practice to commit target assets to source
hi guys, regarding to #7713 (Support static Razor compilation) it seems like @BenedekFarkas committed the fix long time ago which comes with 1.10.3. However when I tried : 1) build precompiled 1.10.3 codebase 2)aspnetcompiler.exe.... I still got Lucene module missing assembly ref kinda error as in mentioned in the post.. am I missing anything? (I didnt touch 1.10.3 source at all, so I assume it should work fine) Thx in advance
4 replies
Kevin Hobson
I'm looking for documentation/examples to develop a module that overrides some core features. Specifically, I need to write an integration module with a digital asset manager (Bynder) that will override some default behavior of the Media Library module (e.g. when a content author clicks the media picker, it uses the new module's picker instead).
5 replies
I see there are more than 400+ new commits to dev branch after 1.10.3 release.. is there a plan for a new release soon for orchard 1?
3 replies
Mike Paterson
Is there a way to create custom rss feed projections? From what I can see, there are feeds created per blog but also feeds that aggregate multiple blogs. I need to create an aggregate for specific blogs.
1 reply

Hi Team,

Can anybody help me on Orchard tool debugging, I am getting below error page while debugging. and also let me know startup point of debugging it.

Error page-

This page isn’t working
localhost is currently unable to handle this request.

6 replies
Andy Mason

Hi, we're testing the view compilation changes that came in as part of 1.10.3 / #7713 but we're having problems when we run the build.cmd BuildViews command.

We have multiple theme projects inside the Themes folder, but we're getting errors from the build command when it's compiling the main Themes.csproj about files that are in other projects! It seems that the BuildViews target always processes every cshtml in the Themes folder (and subfolders) even if they're not included in the Themes.csproj.

Is there a reason it is processing files that aren't included in a project it's compiling?

Benedek Farkas
Hey @dukeofdarkness23, I think that's up to the ASP.NET Compiler, so as far as I can tell it's out of our control, but I'll try to find sime time to check/test it. You can move those themes out of the Themes folder and define a custom extension path for those (see Orchard.Web/web.config for examples) as a workaround.
Andy Mason
@BenedekFarkas we've tried the custom folders - and that seems to work for the build BuildViews - however it doesn't work with build PreCompiled which is what we're using to then to deploy onto Test/Prod servers etc .
Mike Paterson
How can I get the base media url from within a view? I have a static file I need to point to from the footer
1 reply


Can anybody help me here to explain the steps of Azure AD migration for ORCHARD CMS tool.
We tried with multiple ways with my existing application, But not getting the exact way-
From where and How to start to Azure AD migration for my old application?

Strongly need your help here........

3 replies

Hi there
I am new to Orchard.
I have downloaded the src code in a zip fil.
The source code version I have is : OrchardCore-1.0.0-rc2.
I have unziped the file and entered the root directory.
From a terminal I have tried to run the build Precompiled command in order to compile the solution in accordance with the documentation.
I have had no luck trying to do so.
The command i have tried to execute is :
dotnet msbuild OrchardCore.sln t:Precompiled
The msbuild program iterates through all specified .csproj files defined in the sln file, but can't find the Precompiled target resulting in the statement: error MSB4057: The target "Precompiled" does not exist in the project.

I am on the Linux Machine with dotnet version 3.1.103.
does anyone know how I can run the Precompiled target successfully?

Marcus Devaney
Hi guys, We are on the precipice of embedding OC into our product offering but wondered if you could help or point in the right direction. We have played around with the Vue.js module fo OC, however we wondered is there a way to integrate Vue with Liquid/DotLiquid?
hi there, for orchard 1.10.3 on azure appservice, I believe azure redis cache is the only option. To use it, we need to enable REdis Cache and Redis Output Cache orchard features. How about database level caching? Considering there are many redundant db calls, it is well worth to use this functionality. How do we do it? I see "Microsoft Azure Database Cache" feature but I think it is a no more offered service by azure. How do you guys handle db caching in your production (for legacy orchard users)
Aaron Amm

Hi everyone, is anybody know when to use projection or list shape.
Now what I know we use list for admin and projection for UI.
I wonder if projection is more flexible than list, should I use projection for admin as well.

Is project is design verify specific for frontend for example it has auto-route, pagination to render a main content?

2 replies
Aaron Amm

Could someone explain me why ModelState.IsValid always return false when I try to save non content type record?
Given this example:

public class MyItemRecord {
    public virtual int Id {get;set;}
    public virtual string Name {get;set;}

public ActionResult Create(FormCollection form) {
    var model = new MyItemRecord();

    if (!ModelState.IsValid) { // This always return false because Id is required
        return View(model);

    // Save model
    return RedirectToAction(nameof(Index));

I know the work around to fix this issue is to create view model as we have

  • RoleCreateViewModel
  • RoleEditViewModel

However, for simple model I think we don't need separated view models for create and edit.

16 replies
Hi all. I want to add in some capabilities to edit my custom element configuration from a page's front end view (not the admin dashboard). I am trying to work through Sipke's book, Mastering Orchard Layouts, to get some more knowledge. I was just hoping someone could confirm if this high-level approach to solving the problem is acceptable, or if there is something else I could be doing that is smarter.
  1. In my element driver's OnDisplaying override, get the current content item. Use contentitem.As<LayoutPart> to get the layout part, and then expose the LayoutData property to the front end.
  2. Render the editor template shape in a modal when the user clicks some <edit> button. Provide a "Save" button.
  3. When user clicks the Save button, overwrite the appropriate part of the LayoutData. Post this to a controller.
  4. Controller gets the content item (page), gets the LayoutPart, modifies the LayoutData, and then calls contentManager.Publish
  5. Controller returns OK, and the page refreshes.
Hello everyone. I am looking for an Orchard developer in New Zealand. Our company is in Wellington and we have an existing website developed using Orchard CMS, but the original software company no longer wants to support the website.
1 reply