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Hello World

Acemir Sousa Mendes
Hello Fonk! I'll take a look at your code in the next days in order to perform a refactoring.
Therefore, more specific questions, we can remedy here and do a pull request only when we have a significant result.
Thanks Acemir. Im working on another project at the moment. Also i have list to-dos and will be able to make some update in couple of days/ max week.
BTW im waiting for domain transfer so it should be online tomorrow.
Oh wow. Awesome to see two year old posts on owl carousel. I loved owl.
Gregory Bass
I thought that this room is dead)
it is kind a dead :D
<3 owlCarousel
Seems dead :smile:
Daniel Mayovskiy
Oh my god, this place seems to be dead. I use this carousel all the time. Sad that it has no community so far rn
There are only 10 message since hello world.
I think it would be good if the creator himself was active in here. Then there would be a reason to join this room.
Also the author himself is guilty. The jQuery plugin is so good, that I don't even have any bugs with it. The last version I can say its perfect. Everything that I need works. Every experiment that I do with this carousel is working as intended. Never have I seen something like that.
Its like a world of perfect history with perfect people. There would be no breaking news. Just dead silence.
This is something like that I see =D
Xu Zhiyong
hey guys
Xu Zhiyong


for those who doesn't want to deal with form processing can look at those services: https://formspree.io and https://formcarry.com
Daniel Mayovskiy
Hey guys, first time using owl carousel. Could someone tell me why it's not working? https://codepen.io/HarmonyQuinn/pen/JMggov?editors=1100
Daniel Mayovskiy
@HarmonyQuinn Which exact part of it doesn't work?
Hello, everyone, i have run multiple owl-carousel using each function, but when set the other single owl-carousel it will take a each function.
please help me how to add the single different carousel option, not each function carousel option.
Hello everyone, I have to fetch data from the database and data should be used in the Owl carousel. Right now, I fetch the data from db , and Print using ng-if, bt owl carousel not working? Any Solution?
I am using the owl carousel for showing the Statistics data...