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Mar 2016
Mar 12 2016 11:15 UTC

Hello! I am really interested in this project aiming to build web service for the P2PSP media source. Although new to open source but I am very well familiar with git which I encountered in a six month internship at Bluejeans Networks where I also worked on REST APIs. And undergraduate computer networks course made me conversant with networks and socket programming.

I have read the protocol documentation and have a basic understanding of the protocol. The basic functions performed by the required web service (as stated) would be – 1. Receive video stream from source 2. Create splitter instances 3. Channelize the video stream to the correct splitter instance 4. Create URLs for each splitter instances and lastly, 5. When peers hit the URL, return the IP and port of the splitter as HTTP response.

I want to get my hands dirty before writing the proposal. Also I want to develop a deeper understanding of P2PSP. Kindly guide me for the same. Also any other suggestion are welcome!