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Mar 2016
Baris Ozkuslar
Mar 18 2016 13:48

I want to work with "Implementation of a REST WebService for the P2PSP media sources." idea this summer. I saw that you requested a demo in the chatroom. I have built one using nodejs.

You can access it from
GET shows all current splitters. You can POST to create a new splitter with random ip, port and url. Url of a splitter is created from its id. When this url is visited, it returns the splitter's ip and port so peers can use it. You can also update and delete splitters

I haven't included p2psp into the webservice, just wanted to show the overall api design I'd follow. If you have any questions, improvements about it, or if you think I understood something completely wrong :D, please tell me.

As for me, I'm a senior at Middle East Technical University, Turkey. I have built multiple webapps, primarily using Django. I have socket programming experience in Python thanks to coursework. I didn't work with Nodejs before but it was a good experience learning it while creating this demo.

Mar 18 2016 21:23
Hi @Epokhe. Thank you for the demo, it seems interesting.
But I have to tell you that there is right now a couple of people working on that, you can see the current code in
so the idea for the GSoC16 is not to create a REST WebService from scratch but to continue the work of the BoCast server
Baris Ozkuslar
Mar 18 2016 23:21
Okay, it was just a demo anyway. I can work on the existing server. As far as I see, the basic structure of the server is implemented. I want to know how I can contribute to the server as detailed as possible in order to prepare my application. I can contact and ask my questions directly to them if you like.