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Apr 2017
Apr 08 2017 20:31
have you already thought about the strategy to create/manage splitters from the media server?
Abhinav Gauniyal
Apr 08 2017 22:42
I haven't finalized it yet as right now I'm actively researching about it. I've got two ways to do this right now, first one requires no to little change in c++ sources since mediaserver will handle the strategy entirely by itself, other requires significant change to develop communication system b/w mediaserver and p2psp sources and in this the mediaserver will only act as record-keeping+notifying agent and new splitters will be launched/killed by p2psp server itself.
However as I mentioned, I'm still researching about it so these ways might change or other ideas might crop up as I proceed further.
Abhinav Gauniyal
Apr 08 2017 22:48
Feel free to share any ideas/suggestions you've got about this!