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    Sam Zhao
    Just want to know how to use PlanetLab, individual is not availble to use.
    Cristóbal Medina López
    Hi @wasamisam0119,
    PlanetLab is a set of machines around the world. An invitation is necessary to work with. We could send an invitation to you, but first you need to understand how the protocol works. Please, try to run a P2PSP team in your local environment.
    Nate Wang
    Hi! I am very interested in potential project 13 : Automatization of the deployment of a P2PSP team (or a part of it) over the PlanetLab infrastructure. I have some experience with shell programming and Unix, how could I get more information on it?
    sajid hussain
    hello @natewang341124 if you haven't read about p2psp you can have a look the protocol hear www.p2psp.org/en/p2psp-protocol , Then u can look at the code base available at https://github.com/P2PSP/p2psp and try to run it on your machine. I would recommend to see python code first. (u can Go through code in this order splitter_ims.py, peer_ims.py, splitter_dbs.py, peer_dbs.py, monitor_dbs.py) and also keeping eye on ../splitter.py and ../peer.py . You can run it by taking help from the tools/create_a_team.sh script file. To know more information on PlanetLabs you can see their documentations. I would recommend you to start at http://svn.planet-lab.org/wiki/HelloWorldTutorial. All the best.!
    Nate Wang
    Cristóbal Medina López
    @sajjusajuu I couldn't have said it better. Thanks!
    Shubham Shree
    Hi all, this is Shubham Shree from India
    I landed onto this project from GSOC'18 website.....I have query whether this project will be there or not in GSOC as it is kept as low priority ?
    Cristóbal Medina López
    Do you have any previous experience with Planetlab? If so, and you write a good proposal, it could be part of GSoC.