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Nov 2016
Nov 18 2016 10:31

Yo! I believe that some beta version is ready; requires a good review (C++ especially); to look how it corresponds PDAL codestyle, C solutions of operating with data types, etc;

Questions how to integrate JNI build into your PDAL build process :) and how to run / publish jar to maven central / somewhere else (right now i pubslished it manually into my own bintray repo to try already to use it in GeoTrellis);

and i guess Docs update is required as well

Howard Butler
Nov 18 2016 14:26
Update the Dockerfile in scripts/docker/dependencies to install the dependencies you need to be able to build the Java bindings. Make a separate PR for this, and once done, I will merge to master and push a new image that the Travis builds will then use as a base.
Update .travis.yml and friends to actually build/run/test the java bindings
Update HOWTORELEASE with information on what the PDAL release manager should do with regard to Java bindings