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Jun 2018
Luigi Pirelli
Jun 14 2018 15:09
@mrosen problems using filter.merge ?
Michael Rosen
Jun 14 2018 15:51
@luipir , that was the first thing I looked at ... seems like it just concatenates points clouds together. If you've got two complete point clouds of 1M points each you can use that filter to merge them into a single point of 2M points. Right? But I've got two files: one holds everything except for classification and the other holds classification -- all for the same 1M points. How to merge those?
Jun 14 2018 16:24

As I understand it though, @mrosen has a second file containing only Classification, with no coordinates. But as you can see in

In order to be useful, all formats must provide some notion of location for points (X, Y and perhaps Z)…

Even if you had coordinates in the second file, filters.ferry would not work, as you cannot ferry from one PointView to another.

Luigi Pirelli
Jun 14 2018 17:35
well... seems more a NOT a pdal problem than a generic file merge problem. If you need it in a stage, as said before, probably a filter.python can embed merging. The only drawback is that you should fix filename in the python script of passing it with pdalargs that have the advantage that can be override via pdal commdline